Innovation Badges FAQ

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What is an Innovation Badge? Toggle Accordion

Innovation Badges are the Albion College brand of digital badges – digital microcredentials that are indicative of an accomplishment or skill.  Digital badges can be displayed, accessed, and verified online.  Our Innovation Badges provide official recognition of a student’s experiential learning, professional development activities, and pursuit of specialized interests. Innovation Badges also provide evidence of knowledge acquisition in units smaller than the traditional degree, or in ways that enhance our credit-bearing offerings.

How is an Innovation Badge displayed and accessed online? Toggle Accordion

Every time you are awarded an Innovation Badge, it will be visible on your Credly profile.  Your Credly profile serves as an e-portfolio of service events and reflections, experiential certificates, and Innovation Badges.  Innovation Badges can be accessed anytime using your Credly log-in credentials. 

What is Credly? Toggle Accordion

Credly is a world-renowned platform used to store and issue digital badges. 

Why should I pursue an Innovation Badge? Toggle Accordion

Innovation Badges are visual indicators that you accomplished something great – whether you’re a seasoned 3D printer or confident in your political or environmental advocacy skills.  Innovation Badges will be listed on your Credly profile so you can advertise and articulate your skills, competencies, and accomplishments with future employers and graduate schools. 

When are Innovation Badges offered? Toggle Accordion

There are always Innovation Badge offerings at Albion College, no matter the academic year or semester. Feel free to browse our current badge offerings for the Fall 2023 semester.

Do Innovation Badges cost additional money outside of Albion College tuition and fees? Toggle Accordion

There are no additional charges for completing an Innovation Badge at Albion College.  All supplies are funded by donor gifts. 

What Innovation Badges are offered at Albion College? Toggle Accordion

Innovation Badge offerings change each semester. To access a comprehensive list of current badge offerings, check our Credly page. 

How do I know what I have to complete in order to earn an Innovation Badge? Toggle Accordion

Before you apply for Innovation Badge participation, you will be able to view all required components necessary for badge completion.  These requirements, such as workshops, readings, events, videos, trainings, and reflections, will be listed on Credly and Moodle in the badge descriptions. 


I am a recent graduate of Albion College, but I haven’t been awarded my Innovation Badge. Am I still eligible to receive the badge? Toggle Accordion

If you completed all requirements necessary for badge completion during your time as an enrolled student, you will be eligible to receive your badge (even if you are a recent graduate).  Currently, students who are no longer enrolled or graduated from Albion College cannot continue to pursue or receive badges.  Your badge instructor will ensure you are on track to complete your badge during your time enrolled at Albion College.  If you are unsure of your progress, please contact the instructor listed on Credly and/or Moodle. 

How many hours will it take me to complete a badge? Toggle Accordion

The number of hours it will take you to complete a badge depends on the badge category.  For a list of badge categories and earning criteria, you can visit our website or Credly page.

How do I know if I've earned a badge? Toggle Accordion

You will receive an email notification from Credly ([email protected]) with instructions for claiming your badge and setting up your account.

How can I share my Innovation Badge with my personal or professional network? Toggle Accordion

Digital badges are one of the fastest growing postsecondary credential programs in the United States, and employers and graduate schools are recognizing this trend.  You can export your Innovation Badges from your Credly profile to be featured on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, email signatures, and more.

Does an Innovation Badge expire? Toggle Accordion

Innovation Badges issued by Albion College do not expire.  

How will future employers and graduate schools know my Innovation Badge is authentic? Toggle Accordion

Innovation Badges follow the industry standards of IMS Open Badge compliance.  Open Badges are a format for digital badges.  This format ensures your badges are easily verifiable by employers, graduate schools, and internships.  To learn more about this standard, click here.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please contact Chrissy Pfeil, Executive Director, at [email protected] for further information.