Special Opportunities

Honors Program August retreat group
Honors Program August retreat group

Social Events
Many Honors Program social events occur in the Observatory—including movie nights, rootbeer "keggers," Euchre tournaments, and occasional games of Trivial Pursuit with honors faculty. Students participate in several bigger events throughout the year as well

First-Year Retreat
This annual fall event for all first-year Honors students takes place on the first Saturday after classes begin. We run mock honor seminars, where students learn about all the functions of the program. We blow off steam by performing impromptu skits around a late-night campfire (sometimes shockingly acerbic portrayals of campus life). Upperclass Honors students have an opportunity to work with new students concerning college life and success at Albion. Many friends are made

Field Trips
Each semester, all Honors students are invited to participate in an Honors field trip. These trips are usually sponsored by one of the HSP Fine Arts seminars and take students on exciting off-campus cultural outings. In recent semesters, Honors students and instructors have enjoyed field trips to see traveling Broadway shows such as Kiss Me Kate, and to Chicago to visit museums and art galleries. Honors also does non-class trips as well, every Fall they go to Chicago, this past fall they even attended a performance at Second City while there, they have gone on trips to ski, snowboarding, tubing, Haunted Houses, Ice Cream Parlours, Apple Orchards, and many more.

The Midnight Dessert
This traditional Honors event is held at the end of each semester on the last day of classes. It offers Brown Honors students an opportunity to defuse some of the stress surrounding final examinations by taking a study break with other students, feasting on delicious desserts and enjoying good conversation.

 Honors Council
The Council is an all-volunteer group of students who lead our fall retreat, serve as mentors to incoming students, explain our program at the Distinguished Albion Scholars dessert, and decide how we will build our social program each year.


Other Program Activities

From time to time in cooperation with other campus groups, the Program brings important outside speakers to Albion. In addition to attending the evening lectures given by these speakers, you will often have access to these distinguished visitors in your HSP seminar, during special receptions or over lunch or dinner.


Honors at Glasgow University
The Prentiss M Brown College Honors Program now offers a unique study abroad opportunity in conjunction with the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and is an internationally recognized institution with prestigious programs in the sciences and humanities.

The Honors semester at Glasgow University will allow you to:

1. Complete an Honors course elective, The Ideas and Influences of the Scottish Enlightenment: 18th to the 21st Centuries.

The University of Glasgow has created a unique course for our Honors students. Using major figures and ideas from the Scottish Enlightenment, Honors students will see how those ideas continue to be important in intellectual and cultural life in the 21st century. Interdisciplinary perspectives from art/aesthetics, religion, philosophy, politics/economics, and science will inform this course. The institutional model is the traditional Oxbridge model of public lectures and small group seminars. Leading scholars will provide over-arching ideas in the public lectures, which are then further developed through discussion in small group seminars/tutorials.

 2.  Take an additional 2-3 courses in your major or minor.

The University of Glasgow has both breadth and depth in most undergraduate majors. Science, pre-med, and pre-vet Honors students will have access to a sophisticated range of disciplines and courses. Fine and liberal arts majors as well as business will have an exciting variety of course options. All Honors at Glasgow students will have access to level 3 and some level 4 courses not usually available to other study abroad students.

 3. More unique opportunities for Honors at Glasgow:

  • Chance to study at an internationally recognized university

  • Be a member of a unique "Honors at Glasgow" program

  • Special cultural immersion events for Honors students both inside and outside the classroom

  • Possibility of service learning or internships

  • Meeting some of the 3,000 other international students from 24 countries around the world

  • Meeting, becoming friends with Honors students from our consortium member institutions in the U.S.

  • Travel in the U.K. and the European continent

  • Living in a "different" but accessible culture

Honors students may enroll either for fall or spring term through International Programs.

All scholarships and federal loans apply toward tuition. Albion tuition and room charges apply plus an off campus administrative fee of $1,020 per term. $1,300 for self-catered meals is recommended.