Where Are They Now?


Rebecca Enerson - I will be attending Veterinary School at Michigan State University

Lauren Young – I will be working as an ABA Behavioral Technician for Gateway Pediatric Therapy for the summer and part time during the school year. Attending Wayne State in the fall for a post bacc year in their SLP Program.

Angela Panzica – I will be working at a Brain and Spinal Surgery Clinic for 3 months, then traveling to Japan to teach English for a year, when I return I will attend Medical School.

Troy Trombley – I will be attending Duke Divinity School for my Masters in Divinity.

Matt Stander – I will be attending Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Andrea Sanchez – I will be living in Queens, New York volunteering with Mercy Volunteer Corp and Catholic Migration Services. I will be assisting refugees and working on a naturalization team assisting permanent residents become citizens. After spending a year or so in Queens I will be going to law school in Michigan.

Maggie Fowler - I’ll be Studying abroad in the fall of 2019; study and sit for the CPA exam after returning; start with PwC (accounting firm) in the fall of 2020.

Taylor Antal - I will be taking a gap year working as a psychology research assistant in a lab. I will be applying to PHD programs in psychology research.

Margaret Alway – I’m considering joining the AmeriCorps Vista) and beginning to study

for the GRE. I do plan on attending graduate school in the near future.

Taylor Anhalt - I will be seeking employment, my plan is to be an editor at a publishing house and then a successful author.


2018 Graduates are headed

Anna Miller - I will be attending Case Western Reserve University in July to begin the umbrella program “Biomedical Science Training Program.” I hope to attain a Ph.D in Genetic and Genomic Sciences

Lauren Kelsey - Seeking immediate employment in a research industry for chemistry before applying to a Ph.D. program for Biochemistry.

McKenna Donahue - Next year, I will be serving as a campus minister (for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) at Albion. I have attached the announcement letter I am sending out to family and friends sharing about what I am doing next year

Rachael Vitale - I have accepted employment at Wayne State as a research assistant. I will work to pay off all of my debt before continuing on to PT school or to get a PhD in human sexuality.

Katie Murphy - I am going to law school on a full tuition scholarship at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

Emily Allison - I will be studying for/take the GRE. I will then apply to grad school (using my Honors thesis as a writing sample!). I will be matriculating into the Class of 2022 at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am excited to attend medical school but who knows, maybe I’ll be back for Homecoming

Rachel St. Pierre - I’ll be taking a gap year to take the GRE and apply to graduate school

Suzanne DeSpelder - I am attending UMKC for my MFA in lighting design. I received a full ride and living stipend.

Oana Vesa – I am attending New Mexico State University for their Astronomy Graduate Program to get my Ph.D., I am also starting research during the summer.

Olivia Conover - I will be matriculating into the Class of 2022 at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am excited to attend medical school.



Shannon Murphy - Attending University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign graduate school for Chemistry in order to pursue my PhD in Chemistry.

Jamie Bourgoin - I am taking a gap year, but will be looking for employment in a research setting before I pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology

A.J. Mattson - apply for History PhD programs for the Fall of 2018. My research emphasis will be on Great Lakes regional history during the Early American period, with a borderlands studies focus. I am searching for positions in the realm of museums, archives, and historic interpretation during this gap year.

Olivia Alfano - I will be taking a gap year in which I will be presenting my research at APS, attending a meeting of the Vidocq Society upon the invitation of Ed Bujdos, an adjunct professor at Albion, I will be attending a summer program for Crime, Law, and Psychology in Prague, and I will be working as a Youth Specialist in a Juvenile Justice Center. After this, I will attend grad school for a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Stephanie Thurner - attending the University of Washington School of Aquatic Fisheries in the fall :) I will be a research assistant in the Branch Lab (studying stock assessment).

Kelsey Burns - I will be going on to Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary to pursue a Masters in Divinity. I am also pursuing ordination to be a pastor

Lauren Rasmussen - Dental school at Detroit Mercy

Ciara Cannoy - Attending Wayne State University’s Clinical Psychology PhD program. I will be working in a lab that studies homelessness as well as teaching an intro psych lab class

Elise Anderson - Attending Wayne State’s medical school in the fall

Emily Miller - I’m currently seeking employment in the magazine field. I had an interview with TIME that I expect to hear back from at the end of this week. I’m just applying for jobs like crazy after I decided to take a few years off before I pursue my PhD in English

Kristine Mussell - Attending Doctor of Physical Therapy School in the fall at GVSU

Lauren Stull - Attending Central Michigan University’s College of Medicine

Ashley Tice – I’m continuing my job search for an entry level marketing job in Metro-Detroit. I’ve got an interview on Friday that I’m hopeful about but TBD


Justin Van Blaricom - Seeking immediate employment in the Washington, DC area
in the realm of politics

Peter Geisler - Attending grad school at the University of Chicago for International

Stephanie Norwood – Attending Engineering School

Molly McCrum - Attending Michigan State University to obtain my Bachelors in
Nursing through their accelerated second degree bsn program.
After 14 months I will graduate with my second bachelors and
begin working as a registered nurse. In the future I hope to obtain
my masters and become a nurse practitioner.

Audrey DeGroot - Joining the Peace Corps as a secondary English education
volunteer in Guinea

Megan Sheridan – Pursing a PhD at the Medical University of South Carolina in
Biochemistry research

Brandon Johnson – Attending graduate school for Neuroscience

Mariah Phelps – Working at an Immigration Law Firm and waiting on my Foreign
Service results

Elena Luce - Working with Dow Corning in Bay City as a Tax Analyst

Angela Walczk - Attending Michigan Technological University for my Master’s in
Biological Sciences. She was offered full funding and stipend to go

Sayfia Syed – Attending medical school at MSU, CHM


Sara Sample - After graduation I will be participating in TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France). I will be an English teaching assistant in junior high or high school classrooms in the Orléans-Tours region of France from October through April.

Kayleigh Harvey - I'm going to the University of Maryland to work on a PhD in Metamorphic Petrology/High-temperature Geochemistry

Melissa Woodard - I am going to University of Michigan Dearborn for their Masters in clinical health program.

Elizabeth White - I am attending the University of Chicago for a Master's Degree in International Relations!! :

Bailey Judson - I will be looking for a job in the Washington D.C. area

Tori Malus - I will be working as a Resident Youth Care Worker at Rawhide Boys Ranch. This facility is for boys ages 12-17 who have all been through the court system for various reasons. The facility provides a safe space for rehabilitation and to let the boys finish middle school and high school.

Paxton Mueller - I will be working full time in Data Analytics at Ernest and Young.

Stephanie Sanders - I will be pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at Cornell University

Preston Arquette - I will be working in IT as a Programmer Analyst at Albion College.

Patrick Buck - I will go to Middlebury College in Vermont for their summer Chinese language school: an intensive 8-week foreign language learning program that forces the students to only use the language they are learning. No English is allowed there for the 8 weeks. I did it last year and my Chinese improved immensely. After that is finished in August, I will be moving on to graduate school. I will start a Ph.D. program in History at Michigan State University this fall. I have been accepted there with 5 years of full funding: tuition waved and a teaching assistant job that include a nice stipend. I will be specializing in Chinese History. My ultimate goal is to become a college History professor.

Victoria Sochor - I'm shipping out to Boston, MA to study dentistry at Tufts University. I intend to pursue a unique opportunity that the school presents in offering the option to piggy back a masters in public health with the doctorate in dental medicine (DMD/MPH). Applications for the MPH add-on won't happen until after my 2nd year.

Nick Webster - I'm headed to start a PhD Program in Human and Molecular Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine in the fall.

Katie Strunk - I will be doing an internship at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in their Actuarial department, and preparing to take the GRE and looking at graduate programs in math.

Kara Bowers - Working for Nature Conservancy on Long Island, I will be a Marine Costal Conservation Steward

Michelle Miele - I start a full time position at Andrew Hooper Pavlik in November near Lansing. I hope by then to have passed my CPA exam as well!

Brian Wu -I'm going to Oakland University's Master of Science in Applied Statistics next year.

Jennifer Polinski - I am moving to Florida to complete my Masters in Marine Biology at Florida Atlantic University.

Emma Schaff - I am going to U of M to earn my Master's of Social Work.

Katie D’Arcy - I will be attending the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago! I got into the PhD program for child and adolescent clinical psychology. I will be in the program for the next 5 years!

John Fleming - I will be working in the Department of Human Services, Calhoun County as an Assistant Payments Manager, Welfare Claims Department - I wanted to use my public policy experience to help individuals that are in need of dedicated, qualified, and efficient welfare claims specialists.

Laura Verhulst - I'll be working for Ernst & Young in their advisory practice

Ori Shewach - I will be attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Industrial/Organizational Psychology PhD Program.

Lizzie Tuma
I'll be attending the University of Michigan to study epidemiology in the Masters of Public Health program

Christina Hallam - I am looking at going to Seminary hopefully at Princeton

David Huggins - I'll be going to Missouri State University on a full ride to complete a Masters of Science in Geospatial Sciences in The Geology and Geography/Environmental Geology Department.

Gerry Battersby - I will be attending Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland to pursue a graduate degree in Market Research, with concentrations in Public Health and Biotechnology.

Danielle Wesolowicz - I will be attending U of M - Dearborn to get a Masters in Health Psychology. And I will be applying for a part-time job as a psychometrist for a local neuropsych practice.



I will be attending the University of Michigan’s Masters in Social Work program in the fall of 2013

I will be attending Wayne State’s Cancer Biology Graduate Program to seek my Ph.D. over the next five and a half years after I graduate from Albion

I plan to attend Oakland University seeking a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology starting next fall and work at therapeutic riding barns in the meantime

I will be attending medical school at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medication

I will be attending Wayne State University School of Medicine.

I will be attending the University of Hartford in the fall for my Ph.D in Clinical Psychology

I am moving to Germany and completing my German language certification. I will then hopefully be staying, either attending graduate school or beginning an internship/job in the fields of either Nutrition, Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences/Engineering, or in the healthcare field.

I am taking a position as a research assistant before applying for grad school in the fall

I already have a job: at the Renaissance Center in Downtown Detroit- Urban Science as a software developer

Working through a service organization, AmeriCorps

Going to grad school at the University of Michigan School of Public Health focusing on health behavior and education

This summer I have a job as a research assistant working on biofuel research at the Kellogg Biological Station. In the fall I will be attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio for a masters in Botany.

I will be teaching English in Germany with a Fulbright Assistantship

I will be doing a Fulbright in Austria. I plan to attend the University of Michigan in the fall of 2014 to complete a master and teaching certificate program to become a high school German teacher

I will be the Member Services Coordinator at the Detroit Economic Club this October


2012 Graduates have gone and what they are doing

I will be attending the University of Minnesota’s Cellular, Molecular and Structural Biology Ph.D. program –
Taylor Harding ‘12

I will be attending CMU and getting my masters in communication studies. I also have a graduate assistantship, so I will be teaching two classes of Comm 101 as well - – Katie Broekema ‘12

I got into 3 Master’s in Social Work programs and applied to one music program - – Lauren Roberts ‘12

I will be attending either the University of Alabama or Michigan State University for the Masters of Social Work program in an organizational track – Johanna Dart ‘12

I will be attending medical school at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, St. Kitts – Michelle Powers ‘12

I will be attending Boston University Law School in the fall – Olivia Mikula ‘12

I am pursuing a MS in geology at the U of MN doing climate change studies on the Sea of Galilee and will be traveling to Israel this summer before beginning school in the Fall – Abigail Williams ‘ 12

I am actually moving to Chicago in June! I accepted an internship at a marketing firm. During my interview, I talked a lot about honors courses and how they require us to listen and participate in a unique way. Clearly they liked it –
Sandy Nahra ‘12

I will be attending Michigan State in the BioMolecular Science program as a Ph.D graduate student –
Jonathan Rennhack ‘12

Student teaching text fall, and then traveling the US/ France. Then possibly getting a job teaching and going to grad school – Holly Williams ‘12

I’ll be studying German in Dusseldorf for the summer and next fall I will be attending medical school at U of M

Attending Loyal University of Chicago’s dual Ph.D program in Public History & American History

I will be attending graduate school in the fall for social psychology research at Brock University in St. Catherine’s, Ontario

I will be attending Michigan State in the BioMolecular Science program as a Ph.D graduate student.

In the Spring of 2009 I sent the following email to PMB students. Find some of their responses below:


Hi PMB folks,

Focusing on students and what they are doing is our best feature, so I have a request of you. If you're doing something cool or unusual, if you are going to grad or professional school, if you are pursuing a research opportunity, have a scholarship to do work (either as an underclass student or as a graduating senior) please email myself or Renee and tell us about it. I want to put together a sample of our amazing students and what they are doing so that the wider world gets a good idea of the shape of our program as seen in its wonderful students.

Thanks for reading this (and please reply if you want).


Where are they now, 2009

Hello Dr. Cline;

I hope your summer is going well. My position at the museum is very exciting. I am learning new things about the museum collections every day. For example, about two weeks ago I discovered about 7 Dali paintings buried beneath old exhibit materials! I most definitely will be kept busy sorting and organizing the collections and the backlog from the past five or six years. Something else I have been working on is developing an internship program at the museum for summer, fall and winter. Through some local advertising I ended up finding 5 interns for the museum, 3 of which work within collections[?]. On Monday the 29th, I am taking a trip to MSU to discuss with the intern@MSU program coordinators possible options of having an internship collaboration. On this trip I am also planning to meet with Laura Delind, a professor of anthropology who specializes in the anthropology of food! I am still planning on attending graduate school next fall, 2010 and am researching and visiting schools this summer and fall (as well as prep work for the GRE which I will take in October sometime...the Honors program was a deciding factor for me to attend Albion as well as having you on my thesis advising committee was extremely beneficial to my writing style. I believe I wil select up to 5 different schools most of which I will be applying for the PhD track (one school I am looking at only offers a Master's degree but I have been in contact with the food anthropologist who sounds like he might be interested in working with me).

Thank you for your time and hopefully I can plan a visit in the fall sometime!


Hi Dr. Cline,

I wanted to email you to tell you that I am starting a PhD chemistry program at the University of California, Berkeley in the fall.




I will be attending the U of M school of social work in the all to pursue my MSW. I obtained an assistantship there which pays my entire tuition, as well as gives me health insurance and a 10,600 stipend.

I have also secured a summer internship at Cengage, which makes textbooks. If you've ever seen "Thomson" or "Wadsworth" on the back of your textbook (like the stats book we use for RDA) those are the people I will be working for :). I will be editing textbooks as well as putting current textbooks into an easily accessible "online format" for coursewebs or as cheaper alternatives than buying the textbook.


Hi Renee,

I'm going on to join the Teach for America Corps in South Louisiana. I'll be teaching Elementary Education, perhaps special education.

I don't know if that's cool or unusual enough, but I figured I should respond :)




Over the summer, I will be interning with a psychologist who specializes is Alcohol, Drug, and Marital problems. I don't know if that is cool or unusual but I am pretty excited. I will also be working with Pet Therapy programs around Michigan in preparation for work on my thesis.

Have a great summer!



I am going to grad school at University of Missouri Science and Technology to get me M.S. and eventually Ph.D. in geological engineering so that I can teach at a university.

Hello Renee and Dr. Cline,

In the fall, I will be participating in the semester long Newberry Library Program in Chicago, called Placing Race: Investigating the History and Memory of Racial Pasts. For the first few weeks the program will function similar to a graduate school seminar--with four workshop units. These units are about Native Americans, Slavery, Orientalism, and The Great Migration. The bulk of the semester will be spent completing an independent research project that makes use of the unique collections of the library. My attention will be focused on slave narratives. I will return to Albion in the spring to finish my senior year, and write my honors thesis.

Last summer, I received a FURSCA Grant to fund my research on Fallen Gentlemen: The Late-Victorian Fascination with Double Lives. I recently presented my findings at the Elkin Isaac Research Symposium.

That's probably more detailed than necessary, but at least you can pick and choose the information that you use.

Thanks and have a wonderful summer!



I am going to law school in the fall. As of right now, I plan on attending Indiana University, ranked 23 in the nation. Needless to say, I am happy to be heading back to my home state for more schooling!



I'm not sure if this counts, but I just got an internship through Americorps VISTA working with their summer school and reading program. It's aimed at getting impoverished parents more involved with their children's education.


Katie (first-year student)


I am attending the University of Toledo graduate program in physics in the fall. I am receiving a teaching assisstanceship and pursuing my PhD in physics with an astrophysics concentration. This summer, I will get a head start on research through a project with Rupali Chandar processing galactic spectra taken with Gemini (world's second largest telescope). This requires that I go to La Serena, Chile for 4-5 weeks!



In the fall, I will be studying Development Studies and Public Health in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to taking a seminar in the subject, and a french course, I will have the opportunity to do field research underneath a prominent macro-development organization like a branch of the United Nations, the World Bank, or the Red Cross. At the end of the semester, I will develop a forty-page and 40 minute presentation on a topic concerning development studies, which I look forward to assisting me later with my honors thesis!



I am creating a symbolism major and am pursing doing various research opportunities including going to Greece and Rome to study abroad and do some archeological things there. I'm hoping to obtain more research assistance and opportunities as I am going to turn my research on Symbolism in partner with education into my thesis, and using the thesis as the basis for creating a textbook (with the hopes of creating a class at the High School level, then moving up to a Graduate level).


This summer I'm doing the FURSCA program with Dr. Kennedy. I'll be studying an unusual behavior in house wrens that she has noticed in previous years, and using experimental techniques to figure out what that behavior is.

Hi Renee,

I have been accepted into Teach for America and will be teaching secondary (7-12) English in the Mississippi Delta region. I think it's pretty cool! :-)


Hi Renee and Dr. Cline,

For my future plans, I will be exploring employment opportunities related to political science and public policy for the next two years. Hopefully by 2010, I will be working on a political campaign somewhere in Michigan. Then in the fall of 2011 I will be attending the Univ of Chicago to pursue a Master's degree in Public Policy.

If you need anything else, please let me know.



I love that I could have just included this in my paper email, but I forgot :)

So this summer I'm traveling to Poland for the Holocaust Studies Service Learning Program, so that should be very interesting, especially with Dr. Cock's honors class as additional background.

Then I'm going to Virginia for a month to serve an internship with the Fairfield Foundation. Basically, I'll be helping out on an archeological dig on a 17th-century plantation that burned down in the 1920s or 30s. Last time I went we focused on the garbage pit and the area near where the slave cabins once stood. This time, I'll probably be working closer to the actual house, getting down closer to what's left of the foundations. There is also another "surprise dig" as my supervisor calls it, so I'll be sure to keep you posted as to what that might be.

Besides that, I'll just be relaxing and catching up on some reading!


Dr. Cline/ Renee,

I am a sophomore but this summer I got a job working out in Connecticut at a summer camp called The Hole in the Wall Gang which is a camp for kids with cancer or any other life-threatening illness. I'm really excited about it and I think that it is going to be a great opportunity!!


Hey Renee,

This summer, I will be traveling to Graz, Austria as part of a National Science Foundation funded Research Experience for Undergraduates program at the Graz University of Technology. I will be conducting chemistry research.



This summer I am participating in an REU at University of Nevada, Reno. I'll be studying the impacts of urbanization on avian populations along the Truckee River. I'll be finding out more later, if you need more information.

I also competed with the Albion College Dressage Team at the Intercollegiate Dressage Association Nationals. The team finished eighth. As an individual at the lower training level, I finished reserve champion. If you want more information, there is an article on the equestrian center's website.


In the Spring of 2008 I sent an email out to seniors enrolled in PMB to see what they were up to. The following is that email plus the responses I received:

Notes by (and on) a few of Albion's students

I sent an early e-mail to PMB students asking for some nifty stories about individual student's accomplishments. The following is one week time-slice of what students say about themselves. Several of the best stories that I know of are not here. Many of the ones that are here are new to me, despite my familiarity with many of our good students. The email to PMB Honors students and their responses to me follow immediately. I find this to be very enjoyable reading. I believe that any parent visiting the College would want their son or daughter to be like many of these students, and to study with this strong faculty cohort.

Section I: My e-mail and students' responses:

My email:

Hi PMB folks,

I am giving a presentation to the Board concerning Honors at Albion. Focusing on students and what they are doing is our best feature, so I have a request of you. If you're doing something cool or unusual, if you are going to grad or professional school, if you are pursuing a research opportunity, have a scholarship to do work (either as an underclass student or as a graduating senior) please email me and tell me about it. I want to put together a sample of our amazing students and what they are doing so that the Board gets a good idea of the shape of our program as seen in its wonderful students.

Thanks for reading this (and please reply if you want),


Students' response:


I went on the Holocaust Studies Service Learning Project last May, which was the best learning experience of my life. I have spoke at a local church about my experience working in the Jewish cemetery, visiting Auschwitz, witnessing anti-Semitic acts, etc. I am also setting up a couple of opportunities to speak with local high school classes and classes from my hometown. This summer, I will be completing a FURSCA project in Victorian British Literature. The tentative title is: "Fallen Gentlemen in Victorian Literature and Society." I will be looking at microfilms of newspapers from the mid to late 1800s and also considering literature of the period such as The Importance of Being Earnest and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I hope that this project will serve as preliminary research for an honors thesis. I also just found out that I was selected as one of the winners for the Jay Olson German Award. I hope that is the type of stuff you are looking for.

Thanks, Kristin


Not so much a scholarly pursuit, but this summer I am returning to work at a Girl Scout adventure camp in Traverse City called The Timbers. I'll be working as a Camp Counselor but my real job is more of a trip leader. The way it works is that we facilitate two to three week camp sessions where we typically spend one week in camp preparing and planning a trip with our girls (ages 11-17). Then the second week we lead trips out into the back country of Michigan, Canada and Wisconsin doing canoeing, backpacking, bicycling and remote camping trips. It's a pretty unique program and takes me all over the unbeaten paths. We teach wilderness survival skills, leave no trace camping and a little bit of environmental education too. Just somethin kinda different. It's also a really rustic camp, so we learn to live without the perks of running water and electricity! ~ Sarah


Next fall I will be starting a PhD program in Experimental Psychology at the University of Mississippi. I will be working in the lab of Dr. Ken Sufka looking at Depression/Anxiety modeling in chicks. Usually rodents are used to assess the effectiveness of anti-depressant medications, but these models have not been shown to be uniformly responsive to all classes of anti-depressants. The chick paradigm however has shown response levels to all classes of anti-depressants similar to clinical data. I met Dr. Sufka while attending the Society for Neuroscience conference this past November in San Diego, California. This trip was partially supported financially by the Albion College Neuroscience Foundation. Amy

Professor Cline,

I am graduating from Albion College a year early (this is my third year of college) and going into Purdue University's Department of Statistics as a Ph. D. student this upcoming fall.



Next year I will be attending Chicago-Kent School of Law (which is affiliated with the Illinois Institute of Technology). I received a full-tuition scholarship for my first year and $20,000 per year after that providing I maintain a certain GPA. I am excited to move to Chicago and begin working on my law degree!



I am going to be working in a lab at the U of M Medicinal Chemistry Department over the summer.



I have been working with Craig Bieler as a Student Research Partner, using spectroscopy to study derivatives of the chemical Benzoic Acid, and will continue to do so next year. Also, I have received a FURSCA grant to stay on campus this summer to calibrate and use the Physics department's 11" telescope. Culver


I'm not sure if it would be so much cooler than any other individual (hope it is still considered cool though). I will be studying abroad next Fall in Nairobi, Kenya where I will learn the Swahili language and will head my own research project focusing on aspects of Kenyan Youth Development. Deondra

I'm doing two sort of cool things right now:

I'm currently interning with Member of European Parliament Peter Skinner in Brussels Belgium, where I work on a lot of challenging and interesting things including (but not limited to): contributing to the drafting of legislation, writing and editing press releases, writing speeches, and planning events.

I am also spending the summer doing FURSCA, where I will be getting paid to research and analyze the representation of place in Midwestern poet James Wright's works and use my insights on how he represents place in his writings to help write my own body of poetry. The research project and body of poetry will be woven together in my thesis.



I am planning on going to graduate school after I graduate next year and I am also doing some interesting work with my thesis. I don't know if that is what you are looking for or not but if it is I would be happy to contribute. Just let me know what you need me to do.



I'm not quite sure exactly what you want for this, but this school year I was doing research for Dr. Melissa Mercer-Tachick for her research project on Free Choice Learning Environments. I did a lot of preliminary research (through a number of sources and articles) about Free Choice Learning Environments themselves and the "3 R's" Melissa was focusing on (Relevance, Relationships, and Rigor). I met with Melissa often and discussed my findings and presented her with the hi-lighted and annotated articles. I found it to be a really rewarding (and interesting) experience (especially because it fit into my concentration, which is education), and I really enjoyed working with Melissa.

Please let me know if you need/wanted anything else in regards to this.



I was awarded a Snyder Scholarship to do Organic/Biochemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign this summer. I do not know the details of the project yet, but I will be working with RNA (an increasingly hot topic in Biology and Chemistry). I can email you back if you would want any more scientific details about what the lab that I'll be joining is working on, but I am not totally aware at this point of what I will be doing.

Good luck,


I know this is usual out of many Honors students, but I am doing summer FURSCA studying attention mechanisms and how it is affected by aging and motivation manipulations. My honors thesis research is a precursor to graduate school studies in the cognitive sciences. I am strongly considering a concentration in comparative biolinguistic studies between humans and non-human primates. Although it is more common for many neuroscience concentrations to go either into neuroscience PhD programs or med. school, I have directed my interests to an interdisciplinary notion of thinking about how humans and animals acquire knowledge and higher order mental processes. Both my Honors and Albion psychology education have strengthened my desires to go in this intellectual route.


Psychology/Neuroscience Concentration

I'm doing an REU in Molecular Biotechnology and Genomics at Iowa State University this summer and also, I'm a part of the Honduras Medical Brigade that will provide medical relief to small towns in Honduras this August.


The past few summers I worked for MSU Pharm/Tox Dept. Published a paper on enos and its effects on hypertension.

Graduating this year and starting med school at U Mich in Aug.

I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but this summer I'm going to spend it writing a story down that my dad tells to help kids learn the basic rules of the English language. After it's written I'm going to try and get it published. I also am working with my sister to try and get the camp, for adults with mental retardation, that my family has run for the past 15 years, Special Friends Camp, to expand from a one week deal to something that happens year round. Oh, and I'm trying to write my own novel


Dr. Cline,
I thought I'd respond to your email, I'm not sure if any of the things I've done are significant, but if you can use them, you're more than welcome to. I'm a junior, planning on attending medical school to become a D.O. in obstetrics. I take the MCAT in May and apply this summer for that. I also received FURSCA funding for the upcoming summer to do research under Dr. Lyons-Sobaski on an endangered plant species, Sebatia campestris. I'll also be continuing this research next year through directed study. I wasn't sure how much info you needed, or if it's even applicable, but if you need anything else, feel free to contact me.

I am doing some interesting research this summer at the University of Michigan as a Research Assistant for the clinical testing of a new medical device. This device is a CVR (cardiovascular resonance) device that uses complex chips developed by the US Army and a physicist at Eastern Carolina University to detect blockages in the carotid artery (stenosis). I will be doing both paper research and getting certified to do human clinical research including administering the 30-40 second test on patients. I will be working closely with U of M researchers and with a former member of the U of M Medical School Board of Admissions. If it is as accurate as ultrasound, the CVR device will change health care greatly because currently it is much more expensive and takes much more time to do testing for stenosis, which can lead to stroke. Hope this helps.



The highlights of my time here at Albion.....


Togunde, D. and A. Carter. 2006. Socioeconomic causes of child
labor in urban Nigeria. Journal of Children & Poverty. 12(1): 73-89.

Forthcoming in the March/April 2008 edition of the Journal of Social Science, In
their own words: consequences of child labor in urban Nigeria by D. Togunde
and A. Carter.

Work Experience

Assistant: Elizabeth Lynne United Kingdom Member of the European Parliament, Aug-Dec. 2007
European Union Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
Responsible for: agenda/diary setting; handling of correspondence; speech writing;
research of briefings related to speeches, debates, and meetings; and representing
Ms. Lynne at EU Parliament meetings (e.g. Development Committee SAARC
delegation, Subcommittee of Human Rights, and Alliance of Liberals and Democrats
for Europe (ALDE) party meetings).

Post-Albion Plans....Attending graduate school.

University of Chicago.
Committee on International Relations.

M.A.-International Relations

This summer, really the week after I graduate, I'm starting my training in the Medical Scientist Training Program at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. This will involve receiving both medical and graduate training in osteopathic medicine and neuroscience, which will eventually confer a degree of DO/PhD once I complete everything (which can take 7-8 years, typically). This summer I'll first be completing a 6 week lab rotation followed by a 6 week anatomy course. Following this I complete all my graduate courses in one year, take my comprehensive exams in neuroscience, and choose a research advisor to complete my PhD under. For the next two years after that I'll complete all my fundamental medical courses, followed by however long it takes to complete my PhD research and write my dissertation. Lastly, I'll complete my medical training with two years of clerkship at a base hospital! Then I'll be a DO/PhD, also known as a physician scientist!

I'll then be doing my years of residency, likely in neurology or psychiatry. After that (10 or so years from now), I'll likely be doing some combination of research and clinical work, probably at a medical school.

It's going to be a great time :o)


I participated in the Computational and Systems Biology Summer Institute (CSBSI) at Iowa State last summer. It was jointly sponsored by the NIH and the NSF. http://www.bioinformatics.iastate.edu/CSBSI/ Next year I will be attending graduate school, either in computational biology at Iowa State, where I have been awarded the NSF-IGERT graduate traineeship (http://www.igert.iastate.edu/) or in biostatistics at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health.


I am going to field school this summer for archaeological dig. I don't know if that counts or not. . .

Hi Dr. Cline,

You know a lot of what I'm doing already, but just to highlight the really cool things:

- my thesis was the first performance-based one

- I won the concerto competition here twice, and this year am performing an entire concerto, which very few people have done here before.

- I'm going to grad school in the fall for a Master's of Music in Oboe Performance (haven't decided where, but I'm going)

... I think those are the most important things....


(NB: Alli auditioned at Yale and at Indiana in oboe.)

Hi I will be doing lab research under Dr. Nunez in the neuroscience department at Michigan State University this summer :)

Right now, to supplement my education here at Albion, I am taking courses to achieve a Certificate in Youth Ministry offered by the Center for Ministry Development (CMD) of the Catholic Church. I am also taking courses to receive my Certificate in Catechesis through the Archdiocese of Detroit. I will have both of these certificates completed before I graduate in the Spring of 2009. I also currently have an internship (not for credit) at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Jackson, MI as a Youth Minister where I teach Sunday school and run youth group activities. This summer, I also have an internship (not for credit) at St. Raphael Catholic Church in Naperville, IL as the Director of Vacation Bible School where I am in charge of coordinating Vacation Bible School for 150 kids and approximately 80 volunteers.



"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

I am on my way to medical school, most likely at MSU. This past Monday, I presented my research as a poster in New Orleans at the American Chemical Society's Annual meeting. I was awarded a Certificate of Merit for content and presentation of my poster from the division of Environmental Chemistry...

Kinda cool I guess,


(Abbreviated) Curriculum Vitae


Double major in Psychology and Biology, Neuroscience Concentration, member of the Prentiss M. Brown

Honors Institute.


Tilot, A.K., & Jechura. T. J. (2007) Examination of Unihemispheric Sleep in an Australian Lizard, the

Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps). Poster presented at Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting,

November 2007, San Diego, CA. Poster also presented at the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience

Meeting, November 2007, San Diego, CA, and the Michigan Undergraduate Psychology Research

Conference, April 2007, Grand Rapids, MI. Presented as a platform presentation at the Albion College

Elkin Isaac Research Symposium April 2007 Albion, MI.

Tilot, A.K., & Figueiredo-Pereira, M. (2007) Chaperone Rescue of Protein Aggregation in Inflammation

Associated Neurodegeneration. Presented at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium, July 2007,

Stamford, CT.

Conferences Attended

November 3-7, 2007. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.

July 25-27, 2007. Leadership Alliance National Symposium, Stamford, CT.

April 27-28, 2007. TriState (Plus) Conference on Animal Learning & Behavior, West Lafayette, IN.

April 21, 2007. Michigan Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference, Grand Rapids, MI.

October 14-18, 2006. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Professional Affiliations

2007 _ Present Society for Neuroscience

2007 _ Present Psi Chi


April 24, 2007 Invited to introduce Dr. Stephen Pinker, Harvard University, for the

keynote address of the Elkin Isaac Research Symposium.

2006 _ Present Albion College Fellow

2005 _ Present Albion College Dean's List

2005 _ Present Albion College Trustee Scholarship

Research Experience

Spring 2006 _ Present Research in Biological Rhythms

Since the spring of my first year at Albion College I have worked in a circadian rhythms laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Tammy Jechura, using analysis of video recordings of eye position to determine the presence of unihemispheric sleep in a common lizard. Currently, my research involves the effect of circadian disruption on pregnancy, as well as areas of brain activation under exposure to social odor cues and light.

June 4th _ August 2nd, 2007 Summer Program for Undergraduate Research Fellow

This past summer I participated in a summer research program at the Center for the Study of Gene Structure and Function, Hunter College, CUNY, in Dr. Maria Figueiredo-Pereira's lab and learned several cellular biology techniques including cell culture, Western blotting, PCR, gel electrophoresis, among others while working on a project involving the role of a chaperone protein in neurodegeneration.

August 2005 _ May 2007 Student Research Partner

As part of the Student Research Partners program at Albion College, I worked under Dr. David Reimann of the Mathematics/Computer Science department on an archival project about the department's history and faculty. In my second year of the program, I transferred to Dr. Jechura's lab and served as her Laboratory Coordinator, working closely with the other members of the lab on project execution and care of Octodon degus.

May 2006 _ July 2006 Internship in Marine Biology

Worked as an intern for Elizabeth Matthews of the Biology and Marine Biology department at the

University of Alaska, Southeast at the Juneau campus. As her intern I helped input data collected from studies of seal populations along tourism routes and became proficient with the End Note software.


Spring 2008 Albion College

Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Research Grant, awarded $500.

Fall 2007 Albion College

Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Travel Grant, awarded $600.

Fall 2006 Albion College

Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Research Grant, awarded $350

Fall 2005 Albion College

Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Research Grant, awarded $500.


Fall 2007 _ Present Psi Chi Vice President, Albion College Chapter

Winter 2007 _ Present Nu Rho Psi Co-Chair of Organizing Committee

Winter 2007 _ Present Kappa Delta Sorority Vice President Operations

Fall 2005 _ Present Honors Institute Honors Council Member

Fall 2007 English Club Vice President and Secretary

Research Interests

Circadian Rhythms



Genetics and Genomics



That is my CV as of February 2008, here's the addendum: March 28-29:

Tri-State Plus Conference on Animal Behavior and Learning at the University of Kentucky
April 19: Michigan Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference at Albion College
April 24: Elkin R. Isaac Research Symposium at Albion College
May 15-23: Society for Research In Biological Rhythms Conference in Sandestin, FL
June 2 - August 8: Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program in New York City, NY

The following is the more standard information we have collected in recent years about select 2008 honors graduates:

Paul Beach '08
Paul is in a joint PhD/DO program at Michigan State University

Mallory Below '08
Mallory Below is a PhD student in Psychology at Indiana

Arielle Carter '08
Arielle is attending graduate School at the University of Chicago studying International Relations

Brianna Caszatt '08
Brianna likes to write and will be living in England

Cam Harris '08
Cam is a graduate student in Psychology at the University of Cincinnati

Stacy Eads '08
Stacy is attending graduate school in education at the University of Louisville

Catherine Fontana '08
Catherine is attending Trinity College in Dublin on a Mitchell Scholarship

Catherine Game '08
Catherine is attending graduate school at the University of Michigan in the school of Natural resources and the Environment

Paul Gehres '08
Paul, a Jenkins Award winner, is studying environmental economics at the London School of Economics

Alli Gessner '08
Alli, a Jenkins award winner, is working on her master's degree in music performance at DePaul University

Jim Harris '08
Jim is attending the University of North Carolina in Charlotte where he is working on a graduate degree in German History

Grace Keeney '08
Grace won a Fulbright while competing with PhD students, and is studying at the London School of Economics before moving on to Brazil where she will work with NGOs on AIDS policy

Shauna Paradine '08
Shauna is a graduate student in Chemistry at the University of Illinois, Champaign

Phil Riley '09
Phil is in medical school at the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Jeremy Triosi
Jeremy left Albion early to join the PhD program in mathematics at Purdue

Jason Sebacher '08
Jason is preparing his chops to Teach for America

Jackie Zablocki '08
Jackie is attending the Chicago Kent School of law

Megan Anderson '07
Megan is a PhD student at Rutgers University in the field of Psychology

Krystin Darmafall '07
Krystin is a medical student at Wayne State

Aaron Glenn '07
Aaron is a software designer for Epic Systems in Madison, Wisconsin

Drew Hasley '07
Drew is a PhD student in genetics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

Sarah Heddon '07 Jenkins Award Winner
In competition with graduate students, Sarah won a research Fulbright to study at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Brynn Howard '07
Brynn Howard won a Fulbright to study in Germany

Rachael McKinny '07
Rachael is a PhD student in philosophy at Syracuse University

Scott Shewcraft '07
Scott has a full ride to law school at Michigan State University

Wendy Simanton '07 Jenkins Award Winner
Wendy is a medical student at Wayne State.

Sarah Carver '06
Sarah is a PhD student in microbiology at Ohio State.

Dan Coupland '06
Dan is a PhD student in in Physics at Michigan State.

Rachel Lyons '06
Rachel is an MFA student at George Mason

Jayne Ptolomy '06
Jane is a PhD student in History at Yale.

Jordan Triosi '06
Jordan is a PhD student in psychology at the university of Buffalo.

Sarah West '06
Sarah West in working for Teach for America in the Chicago area.

Laura Jordan '05
Jenkins award winner: Has settled for a moment to work on a PhD in social anthropology at the University of Manchester

Ligia Paigna '05
Ligia is a graduate student at Johns Hopkins

David Pierce '05
David went to the PhD program in Philosophy at Georgetown

Yen Thieu '05
Yen went to graduate school at Brandeis

Jason Kennedy '04
Jason is a professor at the Art Institute of Ohio

Jeremy Szucs '02
Gene Cline, Great Issues in Humanities Professor and Director of
Honors spoke briefly with Jeremy at the Alumni reception held at the
Observatory during Homecoming. Jeremy is now in law school at
Cleveland State. He did his honors thesis on the Trent Affair of
1861--in History. Contact him at:

Melissa (Beatty) Lewis '01
She is now finishing up her MFA in poetry from New England College. She enjoys the creative community there, which reminds her so much of
my time at Albion. She also married Ryan Lewis, class of 1998.

Honors Student Kara Christenson '06 interviewed the following alumni at the Reception held at the Observatory during Homecoming.

Beth Kudirka '98
Beth was a Spanish Major and did her thesis on the writing of Isabel
Allende. She is now a professor of Spanish at Trinity College in Chicago
Contact her at:

Irina Calin-Jageman '98
Irina was a Biology and Music Major and did her thesis on Genomic
Evolution. She recently finished her Ph.D. in biochemistry and is now
doing post-doctoral work at Wayne State Medical Center.
Contact her at:

Bob Calin-Jageman '98
Bob was a Philosophy/Cognitive Science Major and he did his thesis on
the Theories of Mental Representation. He is now finishing a Ph.D. in
Biological Psychology at Wayne State University. He claims that he quite
literally "lived" in the Honors Center while working on his thesis.
Contact him at :

Matt Keck '96
Matt was a Speech Communications major and was involved with the Ford
Institute. His thesis was on Transcendant Rhetoric in the Michigan
Charter School Debate and he is now an attorney and teaches a
course in law school on cyberspace law.
Contact him at:

Wynne Martin '94
Wynne was a Biology major and her thesis was on Ecological Study
of a Pond. She is now a Physical Therapist.
Contact her at:

*Julie Stotz-Ghosh '92
Julie was an English major and she did her thesis on Toni Morrison's
novels. She is now an Assitant English Professor here at Albion College.
Contact her at:

Leslie Addison '92
Leslie majored in English and did her thesis on Women in Shakespeare.
She is now a guidance counselor at a Middle School.
Contact her at:

Andy Keck '91
Andy majored in Religious Studies and Music, his thesis compared
Jewish and Christian Mystics. He is now a Librarian at Duke University.
Contact him at: