McWhirter Chosen to Participate in 2013-14 Wabash Center Colloquy

Colloquy on Religious Commitments in the Undergraduate Classroom

jocelyn-mcwhirter-130Jocelyn McWhirter, associate professor of religious studies, is participating in the Wabash Center's 2013-14 colloquy on Religious Commitments in the Undergraduate Classroom. The gathering of 20 religious studies professors first met this past June and will convene again for multiday sessions in February and June 2014.

According to the Wabash Center, “At first glance, it might seem odd that there should be a question about the place of religious commitments in undergraduate classes in religion and theology. But most teachers in undergraduate settings know first-hand the force of the question. Should we treat religious commitments differently from other personal commitments? Is their presence in the undergraduate classroom problematic or can they enrich learning? How might teachers and students navigate personal religious commitments in the undergraduate classroom, and beyond?”

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