Student Collects Albion Church Histories for FURSCA Project

Tyler Eyster, '20
"Earlier this summer, while chatting with a group of Albion churchgoers, I made a remark about religious diversity and immediately regretted it," writes Tyler Eyster, '20. "I worried that these older people might be offended by the idea that one could embrace people of different faiths. Later, a woman in the group told me, ‘If you think we think we’re the only ones going to heaven, you’re wrong. These people are my family and I love them, but if I had to stay with just them for all eternity, I’d probably walk right out those Pearly Gates.'"

Post-Genocide and Peace: Cameron Voss' Rwanda Semester

Cameron Voss, '20

The best place to study post-genocide restoration and peace building is to do it where people are still in the process and have come through many difficulties. In spring 2018 Cameron Voss studied abroad in Rwanda, and the experiential learning process was emphasized through constant site visits and learning from people with firsthand experience. 

Professor Emeritus William Gillham Passes Away in Albion

William Gillham, professor emeritus of religious studies, Albion College
Professor emeritus of religious studies William Gillham, age 84, died unexpectedly in Albion on Saturday, October 14. Gillham was hired by the College in 1961 as a combination philosophy and religion professor; his arrival doubled the size of both departments and he held that joint appointment for many years. He was an ardent champion of the liberal arts tradition focused in the Western classical canon.

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