Booth Walling Op-Ed on Russia Published in Detroit Free Press

Carrie Booth WallingPolitical Science Associate Professor Carrie Booth Walling wrote an op-ed that was posted on the Detroit Free Press website Tuesday, March 27. Headlined "Russian threat still clouds U.S. horizon", she writes that the United States is charting a dangerous course by expecting Russia to abide by the democratic principles many other countries live by. Walling is also a Visiting Scholar at the International Policy Center, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan and the is author of All Necessary Measures: the United Nations and Humanitarian Intervention.

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Professor's First-Year Seminar Connects Students with Community Heroes

Albion youth development leader Harry Bonner (right)
There are heroes and then there are heroes. For the 17 students in Carrie Booth Walling's First-Year Seminar titled simply "Heroes," the distinction is dramatic. "We look at ways ordinary people do extraordinary things," said Booth Walling, associate professor of political science, during a November Hometown Heroes Breakfast event in Upper Baldwin that brought together 11 Albion community members who have done the extraordinary things ordinary people do.


Filmmaker Visits Albion to Highlight Plight of Congo

Filmmaker Mike Ramsdell visited Albion College on September 22, 2015 (photo courtesy Under the Hood Productions)

Filmmaker Mike Ramsdell visited Albion College on September 22, 2015 (photo courtesy Under the Hood Productions)
Flint-area native and documentary filmmaker Mike Ramsdell (left) has made it something of his life's work to chronicle and inform viewers about what is occurring in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as an odd combination of civic responsibility, economics, politics and simple common sense all collide. "Technically this is the worst human atrocity on the planet Earth since World War II," Ramsdell told students in a Towsley Hall talk that was coordinated by political science professor Carrie Booth Walling.

For Baker, '16, a Prelaw Experience at Ingham County Probate Court

Kristine Baker, '16

Krisitine Baker
Ensuring the safety of society's most vulnerable members is often a legal matter, and this summer some of that work was handled by Kristine Baker, '16, through an internship with Ingham County Probate Court. Focused on cases involving young children and legally incapacitated adults, Baker visited homes and spent part of nearly every day testifying in front of a judge.

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