Pressprich Works to Secure Wireless Networks

Carl Pressprich, '15
Whether the field is academics or athletics, Carl Pressprich has used his work ethic and drive to excel. This semester, the physics major who is starting his third and final year in Albion's dual-degree program in engineering is writing computer programming language during a 16-week experience at the Oak Ridge (Tenn.) National Laboratory.

NASA Names Josh Cassada, '95, a 2013 Astronaut Candidate

Josh Cassada, '95
Josh Cassada, a former Navy test pilot who graduated with a B.A. in physics from Albion College in 1995, was chosen by NASA as one of eight new astronaut candidates who will receive training for missions that, in the future, could include an asteroid and Mars.

Physics Professor Howard Pettersen Passes Away

Howard Pettersen, aged 91, passed away February 17, in Madison, Wisconsin

Physics emeritus professor Howard Pettersen, aged 91, passed away February 17, in Madison, Wisconsin. He is survived by his wife, Ginny, a former staff member in the Art and Art History Department, their three daughters and four grandchildren. A memorial service will take place March 2 in Madison.

Physics Professor Zellner Discusses Meteorite, Asteroid on WILX

Nicolle Zellner, professor of physics, Albion College
Albion College physics professor Nicolle Zellner helped mid-Michigan residents understand the Russian meteorite and passing asteroid on the Friday, February 15 WILX 6 p.m. news broadcast. (Watch the clip on the WILX website.)

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