The Timeless Importance of the Liberal Arts

Bindu Madhok, professor of philosophy, Albion College
"The world today is even more global than the one we lived in just a few years ago, and current and future generations of students are even more in need of a liberal arts education," writes Albion College professor of philosophy Bindu Madhok.

Cucinella, '01, Improves Children's Lives at Cambodian NGO

Nick Cucinella, in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Nick Cucinella spearheaded a drive that netted some 60 secondhand laptops for a nongovernmental organization serving children in Cambodia. "Most of these children have never been inside a car, let alone used a computer. The way to bridge the skills gap and prepare our students for meaningful employment is to empower them with technology," explains Cucinella, who is volunteering on-site in Siem Reap. "Teaching someone to fish allows them to survive; teaching a student to write code will allow her to thrive."

Philosophy Dominates GRE Scores in 2013

Best Majors for GRE Scores in 2013: 

Data shows that Philosophy students reign supreme in two of the three sections of the GRE.  See the charts

Philosophy Pizza & Pop Get-Together

Pizza eaters

in the Langbo living room
on the 1st floor of the Kellogg Center

Do you have questions about future philosophy courses? Do you have questions about the philosophy major or minor? Do you want to just talk with other philosophy students?

Then, please join the Philosophy Department Faculty for FREE PIZZA and POP.

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