German, Chemistry Double Majors Earn RISE Internships

Alissa Reddy and Eric Fink
Albion students Eric Fink and Alissa Reddy were recently awarded internships with the Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) program, part of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The DAAD/RISE program will pay Fink and Reddy, both majoring in chemistry and German, while they live in Germany for three months, working with German doctoral candidates on chemistry research.

Alumnae Receive Fulbright Teaching Fellowships

Katie Kirsch, '12

Recent graduates Katie Kirsch, '12, and Sarah Julian, '09, are the latest in a streak of Albion graduate Fulbright winners. As 2012 recipients of Fulbright Teaching Scholarships, Kirsch heads to Rwanda in early 2013 to teach English, while Julian will teach English in Austria.

Taking on Tokyo: Emilee Studley's Off-Campus Experience

Kamakura Buddha, taken by Emilee Studley

There are times when I am walking through Tokyo, talking to my host-family in Japanese, or ordering local cuisine from a privately owned business, that I truly cannot believe that I’m half way across the world on an island called Japan … it seems that this country, no matter how long I stay, will continue to surprise me with more things to learn and discover.

French, Religious Studies Professors Untangle Mystic Jeanne Guyon's Intriguing Story

Ronney Mourad and Dianne Guinon-LelleJeanne Guyon—wealthy widow in the court of Louis XIV, imprisoned for heresy and her friendship with a powerful cleric—is not the heroine of a historical novel, but the real-life subject of years of scholarship done by French professor Dianne Guenin-Lelle and religious studies professor Ronney Mourad. Their work has resulted in two new books, Jeanne Guyon: Selected Writings, released by Paulist Press, and The Prison Narratives of Jeanne Guyon, published by Oxford University Press.

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