August 27, 2009 - Computer Labs Upgraded

The Linux and Windows computer labs have both been upgraded. The E.R. Sleight Computing Lab is now running OpenSUSE version 11.1. The 17 computers in the lab each have a 32-bit Intel Core Duo processor (E7300) running at 2.66 Gz and 4 GB of RAM. In addition, a new linux server, mathcs, has dual 32-bit quad-core AMD opteron processors (2350) running at 2.00 GHz and has 16 GB of RAM. The Putnam Computer lab, located in 251 Putnam, is now running Windows Vista. The 24 computers in the lab each have a 32-bit Intel Core Duo processor (E7300) running at 2.66 Gz and 4 GB of RAM. Windows software of note includes Mathematica, Matlab, Mathcad, Minitab, SPSS, and Java. Contact Dr. Reimann if you experience any difficulty in using these labs.

October 31, 2009 - Six Students Compete In MATH Challenge

Six students represented Albion in the 15th Michigan Autumn Take-Home Challenge, held at colleges across the greater Midwest on Saturday, October 31. Competing for Albion were Chen Chen, Yang Chen, Rachel Kamischke, Becca Putans, Kathryn Wagner, and Mingjia Yang. The MATH Challenge is a 10-question, 3-hour exam taken by undergraduate students in teams of two or three. The 2009 MATH Challenge included 53 teams from 20 colleges in 6 states. Mark Bollman coordinated the students' participation in the contest. Results of the MATH Challenge are expected by the end of the semester.

Left to right: Mingjia Yang, Yang Chen, Chen Chen

Left to right: Rachel Kamischke, Kathryn Wagner, Becca Putans

November 16, 2009 - Chance Class Travels To Soaring Eagle Casino

Mark Bollman's First-Year Seminar, Chance, traveled to the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, MI on Monday, November 16. The class took this opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge of probability on the gaming floor. In so doing, they re-created the origins of their subject, as much of what we now know as probability theory finds its roots in the study of gambling and games of chance. Though they learned in class that the odds and payoffs for any casino game are set in the house's favor, 13 of the 16 students took advantage of a pair of lucrative promotions offering free casino play and successfully beat the casino's edge.

Front row, left to right: BJ Konkle, Nate Ross, Dustin Peterson, Nick Tombrella, Andrew Hurrle, Eric Ondrus, Matt Sowa, Kameron Sibert, Alex Archer, Dr. Mark Bollman. Back row, left to right: Sining Gu, Courtney Malpass, Amanda Klage, Taylor Peruchietti, Krysta Schroeder, Megan Heyn, Samantha Bowditch

November 18, 2009 - Students Finish 4th. 25th in MATH Challenge

The results of the 2009 Michigan Autumn Take-Home Challenge have arrived, and both Albion teams landed in the top half of the field. The team of Chen Chen, Yang Chen, and Mingjia Yang finished 4th with a total of 66 points out of a possible 100. Becca Putans, Rachel Kamischke, and Kathryn Wagner finished 25th with 30 points. Fifty teams completed the competition. The top ten teams were: 1. Calvin College & Taylor University: 78 pts. 3. Hope College: 73 pts. 4. Albion College: 66 pts. 5. Lawrence Technological University & Kalamazoo College: 63 pts. 7. Kalamazoo College: 60 pts. 8. Grand Valley State University: 53 pts. 9. Merrimack College & Calvin College: 52 pts. Congratulations to both teams!

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