October 31, 2009 - Six Students Compete In MATH Challenge

Six students represented Albion in the 15th Michigan Autumn Take-Home Challenge, held at colleges across the greater Midwest on Saturday, October 31. Competing for Albion were Chen Chen, Yang Chen, Rachel Kamischke, Becca Putans, Kathryn Wagner, and Mingjia Yang. The MATH Challenge is a 10-question, 3-hour exam taken by undergraduate students in teams of two or three. The 2009 MATH Challenge included 53 teams from 20 colleges in 6 states. Mark Bollman coordinated the students' participation in the contest. Results of the MATH Challenge are expected by the end of the semester.

Left to right: Mingjia Yang, Yang Chen, Chen Chen

Left to right: Rachel Kamischke, Kathryn Wagner, Becca Putans