November 16, 2009 - Chance Class Travels To Soaring Eagle Casino

Mark Bollman's First-Year Seminar, Chance, traveled to the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, MI on Monday, November 16. The class took this opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge of probability on the gaming floor. In so doing, they re-created the origins of their subject, as much of what we now know as probability theory finds its roots in the study of gambling and games of chance. Though they learned in class that the odds and payoffs for any casino game are set in the house's favor, 13 of the 16 students took advantage of a pair of lucrative promotions offering free casino play and successfully beat the casino's edge.

Front row, left to right: BJ Konkle, Nate Ross, Dustin Peterson, Nick Tombrella, Andrew Hurrle, Eric Ondrus, Matt Sowa, Kameron Sibert, Alex Archer, Dr. Mark Bollman. Back row, left to right: Sining Gu, Courtney Malpass, Amanda Klage, Taylor Peruchietti, Krysta Schroeder, Megan Heyn, Samantha Bowditch