November 19, 2009 - Darren E. Mason's Research Published in the Journal of Metals

Darren Mason's research was published in the paper "Strain Heterogeneity and Damage Nucleation at Grain Boundaries during Monotonic Deformation in Commercial Purity Titanium" in the Journal of Metals. Darren's co-authors were T.R. Bieler, M.A. Crimp, Y. Yang, L. Wang (Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science); P. Eisenlohr (Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung — Düsseldorf, Germany); W. Liu (Argonne National Laboratory); G.E. Ice (Oak Ridge National Laboratory). The official citation is Int. J. of Metals, 61 (12), p. 45 - 52, 2009.