May 27, 2010 - Students Participate In Education Department's Maymester Showcase

Two mathematics students presented the results of their experience in the Albion Public Schools during the Education Department's Maymester Showcase on Thursday, May 27. The theme of the showcase was "Understanding and Building Community Empowerment through Education".

  • Matt Callow, a history major and mathematics minor, presented a project called "Albion High School 2010 Census". In his work with algebra students at AHS, students worked to create a School Improvement Census that attempted to identify important problems at the school and then suggested possible solutions. The results of the census were presented to community and school board members.
  • Rachel Kamischke, a mathematics major and French minor, presented a project called "Building for a Stronger Community". Rachel's AHS students worked in groups to design a community center to meet the needs of their community. Students used their knowledge and understanding of area to create a budget and scale drawing for their proposed center, and so to engage in some practical applications of mathematics outside the classroom.

The Maymester Boundary Crossings Experience allows Albion College teacher education students to have three weeks of intensive practical and integrated experience in the Albion Public Schools. The program begins with a weekly seminar during the spring semester, includes a weekly experience in the Maymester field placement classroom, and culminates in a three-week in-class component in May.