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The Statement of Relationship is the fundamental guiding document used in working with our fraternities and sororities. The purpose of the Statement of Relationship is to define the expectations that exist between the College and the social Greek-letter chapters affiliated with the College. The Statement of Relationship serves as a working document from which to update the understanding of this important relationship. Included in this document is an Appendix which outlines those policies related to the College and its social Greek-letter chapters.

 Statement of Relationship


Grade Release Forms:

PNM Grade Release Form
Active Member Grade Release

Fraternity Housing Forms:

Fraternity Exterior Door Form
Fraternity Board Transfer Form

Event Planning Forms:

On Campus Registration

Off Campus Registration
Travel Forms

Budget Forms

Greek Budget Request Packet
Check Request
Mileage Check Request
Line Item Change Request
Request for Variance
SAF Guidelines

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Student Government

Interfraternity Council

Interfraternity Council is the governing body for the fraternity community. IFC promotes only the highest standards and interests concerning the fraternity community. IFC consistently educates the fraternities about the problems that face us today. IFC constantly promotes accomplishments in scholarship, community involvement, and other acts of achievement. Lastly, IFC tries to reach the highest level of standards possible. IFC consists of six executive board members, a chapter representative and the five chapter presidents.

International House Council

I-House Council, the governing  and programming body for the living community for students studying Modern Languages and comprises elected officers, Native Speakers, Language Liaisons and Resident Advisors. Bi-weekly House activities are planned in an effort to enhance community among the individual Language Houses to promote awareness of world cultures. Examples of I-House programs include guest speakers, supporting French, German, Spanish and International Dinners and Latin Dancing.

Panhellenic Council

Panhellenic Council consists of two representatives from each of the six sororities on campus. It provides a sounding board where the thoughts and concerns of the individual chapters and women can be expressed. The Panhellenic Council also provides the basis for the promotion of service, scholarship, and leadership, as well as better relations with faculty, staff, non-Greek students, and the Albion community.

Student Senate

Student Senate is the primary student governance organization at Albion College. Our essential philosophy, as defined in our constitution, is "promotion of the welfare, protection of the rights, and representation of the opinions of the students of Albion College in a way consistent with basic principles of republican government and liberal arts education."

Student Senate receives and distributes the student activity fee for all student organizations including Union Board, Sports Clubs, and Student Volunteer Bureau. We also created and operate the Book Co-op. We have a direct voice in both the tenure of faculty and the new Student Center. In addition, each Senator works individually on projects or campus issues of specific interest. We meet every Monday at 9:00 in Gerstacker Commons in the Kellogg Center.

Resources and Forms

Chapter Forms:

  • Active Member Grade Release Form (pdf)
  • Fraternity Housing Forms:
  • Fraternity Board Transfer Form (pdf)
  • Fraternity House Exterior Door Form (pdf)
  • House Improvement Form (pdf)
  • Recruitment Forms:
  • College Panhellenic Violation Report Form (pdf)
  • IFC Bid Acceptance and Fraternity Board Transfer Form (pdf)
  • Panhellenic COB Acceptance Binding Agreement (pdf)
  • Panhellenic Formal Recruitment PNM Excuse Form (pdf)
  • Potential New Member Grade Release Form (pdf)

Social Event Forms:

  • Fraternity On Campus Event Registration Form (pdf)
  • Greek Off Campus Event Registration Form and Third Party Vendor Checklist (pdf)
  • Travel Policy and Forms

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