Pre-historic Skull Becomes College's Latest Teaching Tool

skull 130x110

Albion College's Anthropology Department has a new teaching tool thanks to the campus 3-D printing of a 300,000-year-old Homo nadeli skull that may well change what we know about the history of the species on our planet 

Professors Recall Academic Activism, Establishment of Women's Studies

Judy Lockyer and  Barb Keyes
A watershed chapter of Albion College's history inspired an audience of colleagues, students and friends, as professors Judy Locker, Barbara Keyes and Mary Collar presented the 2018 Anna Howard Shaw Keynote on March 27. Along with memories of the campus climate in the 1970s and 1980s, the three recalled the establishment of women's studies on campus and its impact, then and now.

Saving Lives One Sniff at a Time: Albion Alumnae Train 'HeroRats'

Kate Sears Webb, '16, and Cindy Cardwell  Fast, '08
Moving to Tanzania, Cindy (Cardwell) Fast, '08, expected to see a lot of new sights—but one related to her expertise was especially surprising. "At our land mine training center, every single rat developed this behavior of trotting behind their trainer without any signaling or harnesses attached," marvels Fast (on right in photo, alongside colleague Kate Sears Webb, '16). "The rats aren't trained to do this and are literally free to go wherever they want, but they choose to scurry along behind their trainer."

Albion to Screen Documentary on State of Public Education

Poster for the documentary Backpack Full of Cash
Sarah Mondale's film about the tough questions facing public education, schools of choice and charter schools is making the rounds across the country and around the world, and now it will be shown in Albion—on Wednesday, March 21, at 7 p.m. at the downtown Bohm Theatre. Its message, she believes, resonates with everyone.

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