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Student-Athletes Reflect on Their American History Research

Nathan Kellum, '19 (top), and Shane Mills, '19 look at pages of The Liberator, a 19th-century abolitionist newspaper, at a library in Philadelphia, summer 2018.
"I pulled The Liberator when I was in Philadelphia, the most well-known abolition newspaper published from 1831-1865, and seeing the old worn-out pages is something I will never forget," said Nathan Kellum, '19, who along with Shane Mills, '19, pored over books and documents earlier this summer deep within the archives of libraries in Boston and Philadelphia. 

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History, Heartbreak, and Hope: Robert F. Kennedy and 1968

Robert F. Kennedy, 1968 (fair use campaign photo)
"With America divided in 1968, many pinned their hopes on Robert Kennedy as the presidential candidate who could end the war in Vietnam, revive the war on poverty, and unify Americans across racial lines," writes Wes Dick, Albion College professor of history. "His promise remains 'what might have been.' ... Among his legacies are his children, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. packed Goodrich Chapel in 2000 as the keynote speaker for a symposium on environmental activism."

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. is to Remember Albion's Place in America

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It has been 50 years since the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed on a hotel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. But in that time of continued racial strife and turbulence, one thing remains clear: Albion's story continues to be America's story.

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Personalizing History for First-Years

Students from history professor Wes Dick's Albion & the American Dream First-Year Seminar with Holocaust survivor Sylvia Rozines.
In 2005, the United Nations declared January 27 Holocaust Remembrance Day, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp in 1945 by the Soviet army. Here, Albion history professor Wes Dick recaps a November visit by his First-Year Seminar students to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

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