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Rock-Solid Gold: Albion Geology Celebrates 50 Years

Geology's Missiissippi Valley/New Orleans Regional, 2007.

Geology regional trip to the Mississippi Valley and New Orleans, 2007.

Geology likes its eras, and the Albion College Department of Geological Sciences just completed one—its first half-century. New Albion arrival Larry Taylor started the program as a one-man expedition in 1964; here, the professor emeritus along with professors Bill Bartels and Thom Wilch revisit some of those layers upon layers of successes and memories.

Wilch Discusses Climate Change in Battle Creek Enquirer

Thomas Wilch, professor of geological sciences, Albion College
Professor Thom Wilch, chair of the Albion College Department of Geological Sciences, was featured in an October 4 Battle Creek Enquirer Connections article by Chuck Carlson. "We are all participating in the greatest scientific experiment of all time," Wilch says in the piece. "The greenhouse effect is warming up the earth. We’ve turned up the CO2 ... and we’re seeing what happens.”

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Geology Students Go with the Flow in Hawaii

Two Albion College students walk on cooled lava during the 2013 Regional Geology trip to Hawaii.

Two Albion College students walking on cooled lava during the 2013 Regional Geology trip to Hawaii.
"My shoes melted; I don't think they were necessarily made for lava hiking," said Hannah Pankratz, '14, recalling an unexpected event during this summer's Regional Geology class field trip to Hawaii. The class was studying lava flow in Volcanoes National Park, a highlight of the trip.

Havens, '12, Sets Course for Ocean Adventure

Zane Havens, '12

Zane Havens, '12
Zane Havens, '12, is combining his love for the water, the environment, and adventure while serving as a quartermaster for the Hikianalia. Along with its sister vessel, the Hokule’a, the Polynesian voyaging canoe has been restored and is making a 1,000-mile trip around Hawaii with stops at 30 ports through October before departing for Tahiti next year as part of a worldwide voyage.

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