English Alumni/ae Questionnaire

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  8. We are interested in getting more alumni/ae in our department and meeting with students. Would you be willing to give a talk to our current students about your life and work? Let us know, and we’ll be in touch.
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  17. We use work information in our departmental assessment and to help us recruit new students. If your employment status changes, please let us know.

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  23. Post-Albion Education

  24. Have you completed a graduate degree?
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  28. Contact Information Preference

  29. If you prefer that any part of your contact information not be shared with other alumni/ae, please indicate your preference here.
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  30. Information You’d Like to Share

  31. We want to hear from you. Please type in any news—personal or professional—you’d like to share with other alumni/ae and our current students. We might use it in one of our department publications.
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  32. Feedback

  33. If you have ideas for the department, questions about the department or college, or things you'd like to hear about in our department publications, please enter them below.
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