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First-Years in Hawaii: Above the Clouds, Connected with Culture

First-Year Seminar trip to Hawai'i, January 2014
A 10-day trip to Oahu and Hilo gives first-year students a firsthand experience with the culture, history and geography they studied all fall semester in Education professor Suellyn Henke's first-year seminar, Mauka and Makai.

Maymester Unit Aims to Ease Education Students' Transition

Jon CannellJon Cannell, an English major with a secondary education concentration, created a unit for Maymester that helped ninth-grade students at Albion High School explore how assumptions and perceptions can create beliefs that shape realities.

Maymester, supported by Albion College’s Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development and underwritten by a grant from the State Farm Insurance Companies Foundation, is a unique program developed jointly by College education faculty and administrators, education students, and Albion Public School teachers.

Education Department Receives National Excellence Award


Albion College's Education Department was recently recognized as a Model of Excellence by the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education (AILACTE). Albion was cited as the 2012 Liberal Arts College division winner.

Hilo to Honolulu: First-Year Students Study Hawaiian Culture, Education

First-Year Seminar students in Hawaii, January 2013

January isn't so cold for several Albion College students who took education professor Suellyn Henke's first-year seminar "Mauka and Makai: A Sense of Place and Education in Hawai’i." Five students (along with upperclass mentor Elaine Starkey and registrar Drew Dunham) toured parts of Hilo and Oahu, visiting a school, national parks, and other places, learning about Hawaiian culture and educational opportunities offered by the unique community and environment.

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