Education Students Present Capstone Symposium

Albion College education students presented their insights, from research and practicum experience, at the Education Department's 2012 Capstone Symposium on Teaching, Friday, April 13, in Olin Hall.

The Symposium featured presentations by students who traveled to Albion's sister city of Noisy-le-Roi, France, to do a comparative study on education systems; integrated science students who designed and developed inquiry-based curriculum materials; and students completing student-teaching experiences.

Below is the list of student presentations; for more information, contact the Education Department at 517/629-0588.

Sarah Behrendt (student teacher, Jackson), "Classroom Management Strategies: The Holy Grail for Effective Teaching"

Alyssa Brown (student teacher, MarLee), "Call on me, Brown"

Abigail Carter (student teacher, Springport), "Ways to Implement Management Strategies for Optimal Student Engagement"

Helen Craig (student teacher, Marshall), "Authentic and Standards-Based Assessment in Elementary School: A Third Grade Social Studies Case Study"

Hillary Elliott, "Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground: Teaching Astronomy in the Classroom"

Courtney Flook (student teacher, Jackson), "Working with Students in an Alternative High School"

Autumn Haggadone, (student teacher, Jackson) "Try Hard: How to be Successful in Physical Education"

Kyle Henry (student teacher, Marshall), "Learning Through Writing: Increasing Test Scores and Class"

Rachel Kain (student teacher, Marshall), "TRYING to Increase Homework Completion in the Classroom

Kodie Kiessling (student teacher, Prairieview), "Physical Education: The Language of Movement"

Tyler Millward (student teacher, Battle Creek), "Demonstrations in the Science Classroom: Boosting Interest and Learning"

Judy Perry (student teacher, Marshall), "Daily 5: Motivating Students to Become Independent Readers"

Michelle Valentine, "Adventures in France: A Future Teacher's Experiences"

Ashley VanValkenburgh (student teacher, Battle Creek), "Online Learning Communities: Promoting Collaboration, Inspiring Creativity, and Giving Students a Voice"