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Teaching and mentoring students is the first priority for Albion's Economics and Management faculty. Because of Albion's small class sizes, we get to know our students well.

Recent scholarly research by faculty addresses such topics as fighting botnets with economic uncertainty, ethical reasoning in management decision making, networking to develop a professional identity, equity market liberalization, cost-effectiveness of video conferencing to diagnose stroke patients in rural areas, and decision making principles of labor arbitrators in employment grievance cases.

Two Albion E&M professors have received prestigious fellowships from the National Science Foundation, and two have received Fulbright grants.

John B. Bedient, Associate Professor

John B. Bedient

Associate Professor
Department Chair

Office: Robinson 118
Phone: 517/629-0343

B.A., 1975, Alma College
M.B.A., 1978, Indiana University
CPA, 1977
Appointed 1985

Courses: Financial Accounting, Managerial Cost Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I and II, Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting, Marketing Principles and Decision-Making, Business Functions, Management, Financial Modeling with Excel

Advisor: VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance); Site Coordinator, Accounting Society.

Vicki L. Baker

Vicki L. Baker


Office: Robinson 111
Phone: 517/629-0238

B.S., 1999, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M.B.A., 2001, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
M.S, and Ph.D., 2007, Pennsylvania State University
Appointed 2007

Scholarship: Development of professional identity and professional networks among doctoral students in business, education, and engineering. Moral disengagement and ethical decision making in business. Articles published in Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Higher Education, Studies in Higher Education, and elsewhere; chapters in scholarly books.

Courses: Managing People and Organizations, Human Resource Management, Women in Business and Leadership, Management, Lessons Learned at "The Office," Management Consulting, International Management.

Advisor: Delta Sigma Pi fraternity

John Carlson, Assistant Professor

John Carlson

Associate Professor

Office: Robinson 112
Phone: 517/629-0424

B.S., 1979, Ball State University
CPA, 1982
C.M.A., 1984
M.B.A., 1999, University of Cincinnati
Ph.D., 2012, University of Cincinnati
Appointed 2012

Courses: Financial Accounting, Managerial Cost Accounting, Intermediate Accounting II, Selected Topics: Business Combinations and Federal Income Taxation.

Advisor: American Institute of CPA's (AICPA), 2012 Accounting Competition, Team Albion, VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance); Site Coordinator, Accounting Society.

Mark Garrison, Adjunct Instructor

Mark Garrison

Adjunct Instructor

Office: Robinson 114
Phone: 517/629-0419 & 517/629-0484

B.A., 1971, Albion College
J.D., 1974, University of Detroit
Appointed 1986

Courses: Business Law

Jon A. Hooks, Professor

Jon A. Hooks


Office: Robinson 103
Phone: 517/629-0530
Web: campus.albion.edu/jonhooks/

B.S., 1984, Cameron University
M.A., 1985, University of Texas at Dallas
M.A., 1987, Ph.D., 1989, Michigan State University
C.F.A., 2000
Appointed 1989

Scholarship: Articles on mutual fund returns, asset allocation, and the stock market in Journal of Business Research and elsewhere. Author of a textbook, Economics: Foundations for Financial Services Providers.

Courses: Principles of Microeconomics, The Economy and Financial Markets, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Government Economics and Policy, Money and Banking, Portfolio Theory, Financial Management, Financial Markets.

Advisor: 2012/13 Fed Challenge Team, Investment Club, ODE-Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honors Society in Economics

Daniel Jaqua, Assistant Professor

Daniel Jaqua

Assistant Professor

Office: Robinson 116
Phone: 517/629-0423

B.A., 2007, Rice University
B.S., 2007 Rice University
Ph.D., 2015, University of Michigan
Appointed 2015

Courses: Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Economic Statistics, Econometrics, Financial Modeling with Excel.

Zhen Li, Professor

Zhen Li


Office: Robinson 102
Phone: 517/629-0490

B.S., 1996, Peking University
M.A., 1999,  Princeton University
Ph.D., 2004, Princeton University
Appointed 2004

Scholarship: Economics of computer networks and computer security, equity market liberalization and economic development. Articles in Journal of Security and Communication Networks and in Journal of Economic Development; papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings; chapter in scholarly book.

Courses: Principles of Microeconomics, The Economy and Financial Markets, Intermediate Macroeconomics, The Chinese Economy, International Finance, International Trade.

Gregory M. Saltzman, Professor

Gregory M. Saltzman


Office: Robinson 101
Phone: 517/629-0422
Web: campus.albion.edu/gsaltzman

S.B., 1976, S.M., 1976, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Junior year, 1974-75, London School of Economics
M.A., 1978, Ph.D., 1982, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Appointed 1986

Scholarship: Union-management relations, labor and employment law, labor arbitration, health insurance, occupational safety and health, health care cost-effectiveness. Articles in Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Transportation Journal, Neurology, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and elsewhere. Chapters in scholarly books, including a National Bureau of Economic Research conference volume. Scholarly book: Truck Driver Occupational Safety and Health.

Courses: Principles of Microeconomics; Issues in Modern Political Economy; Labor Law, Unions, and Management; Labor Economics; Human Resource Management; Health Economics; Negotiation and Dispute Resolution; Health Policy in the U.S. and Canada; Economics, Politics, and Environmental Policy.

Serdar Yayla, Assistant Professor

Serdar Yayla

Assistant Professor

Office: Robinson 100
Phone: 517/629-0425

B.A., 2006, Ege University
M.B.A., 2012, Purdue University
Ph.D., 2018, Rutgers University
Appointed 2018

Scholarship: Branding, innovation, international marketing, and online marketing. Articles in International Business Review, Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy, and Rutgers Business Review.

Courses: Marketing Research, Principles of Marketing, Data-Driven Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, International Marketing, Consumer Behavior.

Renée Harlow, Department Secretary

Renée T. Harlow

Administrative Assistant

Office: Robinson 109
Phone: 517/629-0419

B.A., 2012, Albion College


Faculty Emeriti

Daniel S. ChristiansenDaniel S. Christiansen, Professor Emeritus / Email:


Smith-Gaylord-100  Gaylord Smith, Professor Emeritus / Email:

Larry SteinhauerLarry Steinhauer - Dec. 25, 2017: Professor Steinhauer Passes Away

Maurice Branch - Feb. 23, 2014: Professor Branch Passes Away

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