Economics and Management Professor Jim McCarley Passes Away

Jim McCarley

Jim McCarley, 2016

A microeconomist with research interests in the minimum wage and employment practices, JIm McCarley taught 41 years as a tenured professor and another 10 as an adjunct at Albion where he developed courses including Women in Economics, Econometrics, Armchair Economics (a First-Year seminar), and Great Issues in Social Sciences.

For E&M's John Carlson, Teaching Accounting Doesn't Have to Be Taxing

John Carlson, associate professor of economics and management, Albion College
E&M associate professor John Carlson went back to college at age 57 to earn his Ph.D. and has now found a home at Albion where he has developed a reputation of teaching accounting in a relatable and interesting way. This year his work has also earned him a state excellence in teaching award.

Jamal Yearwood, '17, Published in Respected General Medicine Journal

Jamal Yearwood, Albion College Class of 2017

Jamal Yearwood, Albion College Class of 2017
2017 Albion grad Jamal Yearwood, who majored in Spanish and minored in management as a member of the Institute for Healthcare Professions, was second author on a health policy article published in The Lancet—one of the very top academic journals in general medicine.

Jon Haadsma, '19, Reflects on Taking a Swing in the Big Leagues

Jon Haadsma, Albion College Class of 2019

Jon Haadsma, Albion College Class of 2019
While running for the men's track and field team is one of his main activities at Albion College, Jon Haadsma, '19, has dreamed of a job working in the front office of a Major League Baseball team since growing up in Battle Creek. Last fall, the accounting and history major may have reached first base in realizing that dream when he interned with the Philadelphia Phillies as part of his experience with The Philadelphia Center.

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