Telehealth & Online Health Care

Effective 07/01/2016, the College will offer an online health care option (Telehealth) to safely and confidentially consult with a licensed, U.S. board certified doctor online. Telehealth is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in partnership with American Well (Amwell). You can use this option when it's convenient for you and you want fast, easy, affordable, quality care. You may want to use online health care when: your doctor's office is closed; you feel too sick to drive; you have children at home and can't leave; you're traveling or on vacation.

When your doctor isn't available, you can either use a mobile device to log into the Amwell App, or a computer to log in to Many minor, non-emergent conditions may be treated online, e.g., sinus and respiratory infections; colds, flu and seasonal allergies; urinary tract infections; vomiting; diarrhea; headache; strains and sprains; pinkeye; rashes; skin wounds. You should not use online healthcare as a substitute for regular maintenance of chronic medical conditions, emergencies and serious or life threatening conditions.

Most doctor visits through Telehealth take about 10 minutes and cost you nothing. Doctors on Amwell can review your history, answer questions, diagnose, treat and even prescribe medication. Prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy of choice.

For more information or the speak to an Amwell representative please contact (844) SEE-DOCS/ (844) 733-3627.

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Equestrian Program Expands Over Summer Break

The Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center will look a bit different when students return to campus this fall. In particular, the indoor arena will look bigger.

Much bigger.

Evan Kneisel, '17

Evan Kneisel, '17

As a senior in high school, Evan Kneisel, '17, visited his fair share of colleges, trying to figure out where he wanted to spend the next four years of his life. During his visit to Albion's campus, though, he instantly knew that it was the right fit for him. He describes Albion College as tightly knit, whose faculty and students are all actively involved in the betterment of both the College and the surrounding community. "What sets Albion apart from other schools is how the faculty genuinely want you to succeed and they will go to great lengths to put you in a position for success," he says. When asked to describe his experience at Albion he answers with one word—"opportunity".

Evan has had many hands-on opportunities throughout his time on campus. The Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management has allowed him to gain real world experience through his internship with The Parade Company in Detroit, MI. The transferable skills he obtained from the time spent there helped him to then get another summer internship within the Institutional Advancement department on Albion's campus. Here, he was able to work on "behind the scenes" projects and work with people who care about the direction of Albion College, which then deepened his own appreciation for his school.

On campus, Evan is a member of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and he is involved with the Gerstacker Institute, which he says has given him the resources and opportunities to expand himself professionally.

Originally, he chose Albion because of the small class sizes and how genuine and passionate the professors are. He explains that he is glad that he chose to attend school here also because the Liberal Arts education has allowed him to become versatile in his education, to learn a little bit about everything while also focusing in on one major area of study. He explains, "the most valuable thing that Albion has taught me wasn't learned in the classroom, it's what I have gained through experiences while out in the real world."

After completing his degree in mass communications at Albion, Evan plans to move out west where his family is located to get a few years of "real-world" experience under his belt in either design, marketing, advertising or sponsorship, before applying for graduate school


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