Areas of Emphasis

Department of Economics and Management


We offer courses in major fields of economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, monetary and financial economics, environmental economics, labor economics, and governmental economics). The E&M major with emphasis in economics is suitable for those interested in public policy work, while the combined major in mathematics and economics prepares students for graduate school in economics or for careers as actuaries or operations researchers.

Human Resources

E&M and Albion's Psychological Science Department each offer courses for students who wish to learn about the human relations aspects of management. E&M courses include managing people and organizations; women in business and leadership; labor law, unions, and management; labor economics; human resource management; management; and negotiation and dispute resolution. Relevant psychology courses include industrial and organizational psychology and social psychology.

International Business and International Economics

The E&M major with emphasis in international business and international economics provides a focused group of courses designed to prepare students for a world in which global concerns are becoming more important because of falling transportation and communication costs and falling governmental barriers to international trade and investment. Students select from relevant courses in E&M, such as International Management, The Chinese Economy, The Japanese Economy, International Finance, and International Trade. They also take at least one international course outside of E&M and complete an off-campus study program in a foreign country or an internship in a foreign country.