The Bernard T. Lomas Scholarship in Communication Studies

In honor of the outstanding accomplishments of Bernard T. Lomas during his thirteen-year tenure as Albion College's twelfth president, the Herrick Foundation established the Bernard T. Lomas Scholarship fund in 1994. Throughout his career Dr. Lomas, the 1946 Albion College alumnus and accomplished public speaker, stressed the critical role interpersonal and professional communication plays in a liberal arts education. It was under his leadership that the Herrick Foundation donated funds for the construction of the Herrick Center of Speech Communication. Since then the department has evolved into the Department of Communication Studies and has relocated to Olin Hall. However, through the Herrick Foundation's permanent $500,000 endowment, the Bernard T. Lomas Scholarship Fund continues to enable qualified communication studies students to experience the benefits of an Albion education at a cost significantly less than that normally associated with a private education.

Purpose of Scholarship
This scholarship fund is designed to recognize and encourage outstanding students who are pursuing careers in communication. It may also be awarded to students whose study of communication will serve as the foundation for an interdisciplinary preparation in business management, international relations, journalism, law, public policy, and other related careers.

How Lomas Recipients Are Selected
To be considered for the Lomas Scholarship, any incoming first-year student intending to major in Communication Studies should complete the Lomas Scholarship application and submit it, along with the required reference letters and personal statement (details are outlined on the application form) to the Admission Office no later than March 1 (of his or her senior year of high school). Professors from the Department of Communication Studies will then review each applicant's materials, paying particular attention to the unique qualifications each candidate possesses and his/her potential to contribute to Albion's Department of Communication Studies. Following this review, interviews (either on site or by phone) will be scheduled with selected finalists and award winners will be selected based on both the application packets and the interviews.

The Scholarship Award Process
The value of a Lomas Scholarship is approximately 50% of tuition. Lomas Scholarship recipients may also receive additional need-based financial aid; however, any student who is eligible to receive an Albion academic (merit-based) scholarship will receive the larger of the two scholarships. Recipients do not have to demonstrate financial need for receipt of Lomas Scholarships. To renew the Lomas Scholarship, candidates must remain in good academic standing (including maintenance of a 3.0 major GPA), remain communication studies majors, and contribute to the Department of Communication Studies in a manner that reflects the leadership expected of a Lomas Scholar.

Application Form
You may download the Lomas application form as a Microsoft Word document and type in the required information before printing it out, or you can download the application as a PDF and fill it out by hand. Links to both versions are below.



If you have any questions, please contact Karen Erlandson, Chair, Communication Studies Department, at (phone: 517/629-0325) or contact your Admission representative at 800/858-6770.