Faculty and Staff

Kevin Metz
Professor; Analytical; Department Chair
B.S. 2001, Alma College
Ph.D. 2007, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Putnam 366, 517/629-0656

Craig Bieler
Professor; Physical
B.S. 1986, Juniata College
Ph.D. 1992, University of Pittsburgh
Putnam 350, 517/629-0295

David Carey
Chemical Technician
B.S. 1980, Western Michigan University
Kresge 074, 517/629-0306

Carol Caswell
Departmental Coordinator
A.B. 1974, Indiana University
Putnam 154, 517/629-0276

Clifford E. Harris
Professor; Organic
B.S. 1991, California State University, Chico
Ph.D. 1997, University of California, Santa Cruz
Putnam 364, 517/629-0253

Lisa B. Lewis
Professor; Physical
B.S. 1989, King's College (PA)
M.S. 1992, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D. 1994, University of California, Irvine
Putnam 352, 517/629-0252

Vanessa McCaffrey
Associate Professor; Organic
B.S. 1996, McNeese State University
Ph.D. 2001, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Putnam 362, 517/629-0622

Christopher Rohlman
Professor; Biochemistry
B.S. 1984, Oakland University
Ph.D. 1989, University of Michigan
Putnam 354, 517/629-0257

Craig Streu
Associate Professor; Biochemistry
B.A. 2004, Albion College
Ph.D. 2009, University of Pennsylvania
Putnam 356, 517/629-0254


Emeriti and Past Professors

Andrew N. French
Professor; Organic
B.S. 1986, Ohio Wesleyan University
Ph.D. 1992, University of Illinois


Robert Armstrong

Amy (Beilstein) Bethune
B.A. 1996, The College of Wooster
Ph.D. 2001, Duke University

John Crump

Paul Cook and Robert Dinniny
Organic Chem. and Analytical

Dennis Gaswick

David Green
B.A. 1964, Albion College
Ph.D. 1968, University of California, Berkeley

Daniel Steffenson
Professor; Physical
A.B. 1962, Cornell College; A.M. 1964,
Ph.D. 1967, Harvard University,

Heidi Yoon
Visiting Lecturer; Organic, Physical, General
B.A. 2003, University of Chicago
Ph.D. 2009, University of Wisconsin, Madison

David Sellers
Visiting Assistant Professor; Organic Chemistry
B.S 2009, Spring Arbor University
Ph.D. 2016, Western Michigan University
Putnam 360, 517/629-0250