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Chemistry's Lisa Lewis Gains New Perspective Through NSF Fellowship

Lisa Lewis, professor of chemistry, Albion College

lewis 130x110

Chemistry professor Lisa Lewis is using a yearlong grant from the National Sciene Foundation to work on an initiative that will create new policy, resources and infrastructure to help U.S. institutions discover, manufacture and deploy advanced materials twice as fast. "It's going to change how we do science," she said.

Hannah Schoon, '19, Co-Authors Paper with Mayo Clinic Lab

Hannah Schoon, '19

Hannah Schoon, '19
Hannah Schoon, '19, expected to spend this past summer becoming a technician of sorts for a highly specialized piece of research equipment (a mass cytometer) at the Mayo Clinic. That job got interrupted—and as a result, Schoon is co-author of a paper published this month in the prestigious Blood Cancer Journal.

Albion Grieves Loss of Chemistry Professor Emeritus Dan Steffenson

Dan Steffenson, 2002

Dan Steffenson
Emeritus professor of chemistry Dan Steffenson passed away May 16 in Saline, Michigan, at the age of 77. A member of Albion College's Chemistry Department from 1967 until 2008, Steffenson was legendary for his professional devotion on a campus rife with passionate instructors.

Bram Siemers, '19, Uses Military Experience to Carve Out New Direction

Bram Siemers, Albion College Class of 2019

Bram Siemers, '19
Bram Siemers, '19, hopes to graduate from Albion College with a degree in biochemistry and use the experience he gained from four years in the Marines, which included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, to forge a next-generation career that can help save lives.

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