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Anagama Kiln Still Fires Imagination of Shenstone, '84

Ken Shenstone, Albion College Class of 1984
This week, a small group of friends will raise a glass in celebration and anticipation. Then Ken Shenstone, '84, will take a wooden match from a 25-year-old box of matches and light a pile of wood that will bring a unique kiln to life. Then the fiery beast, 960 cubic feet in all, made up of more than 7,000 bricks and fed for the next 10 days by a nonstop supply of wood, will heat to over 2,400 degrees and eventually create the kind of ceramics you just can't find anywhere.

Ceramics Class Provides Trip Back to Industrial Revolution

Toby Jugs in Lynne Chytilo's Honors ceramics class, fall 2015.
There is more to Lynne Chytilo's honors ceramics class than meets the eye. "I don't think anywhere in the world is there a class like this," said the Albion College art professor who specializes in ceramics and sculpture. And she may only be partially kidding.

Holocaust Survivor Miriam Brysk Shares Her Story, Art

Miriam Brysk's Scrolls of Remembrance exhibit runs through February 17 in Bobbitt Visual Arts Center's Munro Gallery.
Miriam Brysk hasn’t been an artist all her life. In fact, if it wasn’t for her first career as a scientist, her digitally constructed works portraying old photographs in powerfully poignant ways—combining narrative realism and expressionism—may not have materialized. Even more so, however, her transition from successful professor to successful artist required revisiting and re-embracing her early childhood—in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust. Her exhibition Scrolls of Remembrance runs through February 17 in the Bobbitt Visual Arts Center's Munro Gallery.

Shenstone, Beyer, Chytilo Embark on 'Explorations in Clay'

Albion College art exhibit through October 10, 2014 at Bobbitt Visual Arts Center
Albion College alumni Ken Shenstone, ’84, and Anne Beyer, ’10, and ceramics professor Lynne Chytilo demonstrate three approaches to one medium with "Finding a Way In: Explorations in Clay," currently on exhibit in the Bobbitt Visual Arts Center's Munro Gallery. Photography by visiting assistant professor Ashley Feagin is also on exhibit in Bobbitt's Dickinson Gallery. Both shows run through October 10.

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