Internship Spotlight

Tiffany Newman, ’20

A headshot of a student wearing a black shirt smiling.Quicken Loans, Communications Department: Client Relations Internship

“One of my responsibilities was to assign aged loans to a team daily. This taught me how to use Excel more efficiently, a skill I can transfer to school or other positions. I also took Journey classes, which helped teach me lessons that go beyond the workplace. I did a lot of volunteering through my job as well, which taught me the importance of giving back to the community. I made sure to do more than was expected with every assignment so I could leave a good impression. I asked questions when I didn’t understand something so that I could always do my assignments correctly.”

Chase Palmer, ’19

A headshot of a student smiling at the camera wearing a red shirt.Colliers International: Research Internship

“This was a great internship to learn some of the basics of what goes on in the commercial real estate world. I assisted the lead research analysts with finding, evaluating, and compiling market data. I pulled and entered a lot of property comparable information, aided in creating our quarterly market trend reports, and worked on ad-hoc research projects brokers needed help with. These activities helped me build a base of what important information to look for with regard to real estate and where to find it. I gained a greater understanding for some of the key considerations when analyzing a real estate transaction.”

Michele Gervais, ’20

A headshot of a student smiling at the camera wearing a gray shirt.Ally Financial: Insurance Operations Process and Data Internship

“I worked in the insurance department with the configurations team. My main duties included researching new vehicles and competitor’s financial information to develop pricing strategies. I organized new vehicles into coverage classifications so dealerships could sell appropriately priced coverages for cars. By the end of my internship I had completed four different projects for Ally, gave a tour of the insurance floor to prove my knowledge on the various teams in insurance, and made a reporting process more efficient through the use of mail merge.”

Michael Martin, ’20

A headshot of a student wearing a backwards baseball cap and a white shirt.EY: Assurance Internship

“The focus of my internship was to assist audit teams on year-end processes for clients. This also included providing services on public and private client engagements. I learned more than I could have imagined. I received real world experience working on location at various sites and I was able to observe how the size and scope of different clients impacted the scope of the job. I enjoyed being involved with different client engagements and working with different EY teams. I was able to achieve the goals I set for myself and received a full-time offer.”

Jared Simkins, ’20

A headshot of a student smiling at the camera wearing a dark red shirt.Willis Towers Watson: Retirement Internship

“I performed retirement benefit calculations for how much a participant would receive – whether a lump-sum, a monthly annuity, or joint survivor annuity, etc. This has taught me technical skills and data program knowledge. I performed data clean-up tasks which allowed me to deal with and manipulate large sets of data. I completed budget analysis and monthly budget worksheets, which taught me budgeting skills and financial analysis techniques.”

Evelyn Wischmeyer, ’20

A headshot of a smiling student in front of a brick wall.Emerge Consulting: Summer Associate Internship

“This has been an all-encompassing experience. I’ve done a little bit of sales, helped to develop analytics, launched new platforms, and planned events. I Iearned the in’s and out’s of all kinds of business. Being able to work with different clients exposed me to more than just HR and consulting. My greatest accomplishment was helping to organize different programs throughout the company. I gained confidence talking to people in upper management positions. I also improved my networking abilities.”

Tyler Kimbrell, ’20

A headshot of a smiling student wearing a suit.Dow: Manufacturing Cost Accountant Internship

“I was partnered with a current cost accounting member who served as my mentor. I helped update the processes of my cost desk and made sure the business abides by all functional business rules. My biggest accomplishment was running a cost desk for one of Dow’s adhesive plants by myself. Through my internship experience I gained a greater understanding of Dow, the multiple locations, met many people, learned about the products, and Dow’s business structure. I received an offer for a full-time position upon graduation.”

Chelsei Carpenter, ’19

A headshot of a smiling student in front of a brick wall.The Philadelphia Center, Korn Ferry: Finance Internship

“I recommend The Philadelphia Center. If you want to get experience living in the city, and participate in seminar style classes where your assumptions and attitudes will be challenged in a way that helps you grow as a person, then I definitely recommend TPC. My internship was great, I learned a ton. It helped me so much in learning to be a young professional.”

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