It’s your chance to go out into the real world and implement what you learned in the classroom.

Each student in the Gerald Ford Institute for Public Service must complete a one-unit internship tailored toward their specific career interests. Placements are secured through our strong alumni network, partnerships with national and international programs, and personal or professional connections.

Internships provide insight into what one’s career might look like. Many of our alumni cite their internship as one of the most memorable and life-changing opportunities during their undergraduate studies. <!–To learn more about past student experiences, check out the sections below and browse the Meet Our Alumni pages.–>

We look forward to finding an insightful experience for you!

Capitol Hill

Federal Government

From opportunities in Washington, DC, to local offices, the Ford Institute will help you find an internship that provides insight into our nation’s government.

State and Local Government

Learn from governors, state legislators, mayors, and city managers.

Judicial Offices

For students that have aspirations of attending law school, a real world experience in the legal field will distinguish you from other applicants and introduce you to possible career paths.

International Programs

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and place yourself ahead of the pack with international experience.


From non-governmental organizations (NGO) to groups that have some government ties, Ford students have the opportunity to work for a group for which they share similar passions.

Two Albion College students working around a table.

Other Internships

What are your aspirations? The staff of the Ford Institute will work with you, one-on-one, and find an internship that matches your interests.