Documented Experiential Learning Project

Nicole Schnabel, '16
Nicole Schnabel, '16, observed surgeons in the operating room during a summer 2013 internship at the University Hospital of Mannheim, Germany.

To satisfy this requirement in the Wilson Institute for Medicine, your 40-hour DELP must take place in a healthcare setting. This project can involve any one of the following: (1) job shadowing, (2) practicum/internship, (3) volunteering, or (4) research on healthcare topic. Please note there will be additional requirements for students who are doing a practicum/internship for academic credit.

Directions for DELP

If you are completing your DELP this summer, you must submit field notes documenting your experiences. Below is a description of field notes.

  • Special instructions for your first field note
    • Describe the setting in which you are doing the project.
    • Identify the person who will supervise and confirm your hours.
    • Include supervisor's email address and phone number.
    • Include your phone number.
    • Send first field note ASAP after starting project.
  • Write a field note for each day and save in an electronic file as a Word document.
  • Include the date and number of hours worked at the top of each field note.
  • Submit the electronic file to at the end of your project.

General Guidelines for DELP

As soon as possible after leaving your experiential learning site for the day, you should find time to reflect upon and discuss your work experiences. Remember timely documentation is essential for any healthcare professional, and you need to develop the ability to describe your experiences promptly, carefully, and concisely.

Do not simply list the events of the day but, instead, discuss the highlights of the day: successes, failures, challenges, questions, ethical dilemmas, etc. If you want to discuss your interactions with or observations of a client/patient, staff, or volunteer/intern, use a pseudonym when referring to that person. Do not provide any protected healthcare information about the individual. Be sure to observe any additional rules and regulations mandated by the setting in which you are working.

Finally, at the end of your project, please ask you supervisor to email or send a note verifying the hours you spent working on this project. If your supervisor wants to send a note, provide him or her with a stamped envelope addressed to:

Wilson Institute for Medicine
Albion College
611 E. Porter St., KC 4678
Albion, MI 49224

Please feel free to contact the Institute for any questions, problems, or concerns about your DELP.