Graduating from the Wilson Institute

The Wilson Institute for Medicine accepts all Albion College students and requires no prerequisite courses prior to applying. Students typically apply to the Institute after accepting admission to the College. Below is membership criteria needed to be met upon graduating from Albion College.

Criteria for graduating as a member in good standing:
In order to graduate as a member in good standing of the Wilson Institute for Medicine, you must complete the following requirements:

  • HCI 101, Introduction to Healthcare (first year) of HCI 105: Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • HCI 201, Issues in Healthcare (second year)
  • Documented Experiential Learning Project (DELP, minimum of 40 hours)
  • Evidence of community service (10 hours per semester)
  • Cumulative GPA = 3.0

If you did not take HCI 101 before junior year at Albion, you must complete two 40-hour documented experiential learning projects or one 80-hour project.

Criteria for graduating with distinction:
In addition to the above requirements, you must also meet additional criteria:

  • Actively participate in Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), the Health Preprofessional Honor Society, or other Institute Initiatives.
  • Achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and a science GPA of 3.2.

Documented Experiential Learning Project (DELP)

To satisfy this Institute requirement, your 40-hour DELP must take place in a healthcare setting. This project can involve any one of the following:

  • Job shadowing
  • Practicum/internship
  • Volunteering
  • Research on a healthcare topic

Please note there will be additional requirements for students who are doing a practicum/internship for academic credit.