Pre-Professional Programs

Agata, Pre-DentalAgata, Pre-DentalThe Albion College Institute for Healthcare Professions has a mission that places you, the student, at the center of our program. The Institute was created to complement and enrich the undergraduate educational experiences of future healthcare providers. The Institute contributes to the personal and professional development of Institute members through classroom exercises, experiential learning projects, guest lectures, community service activities, leadership opportunities, and academic advising.

Our pre-professional programs are intended for students who plan to go into a professional graduate program upon completion of their Bachelor’s Degree at Albion College. Students in the Institute for Healthcare Professions are able to study any major they prefer while getting academic guidance for the pre-professional program of their choice.

All new members of the Institute are issued an Institute Advising Guide during Albion’s Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) program which includes detailed information about applying to professional school.