For Alumni

Alumni play a pivotal role in mentoring and educating current and future generations of Albion students. Thank you for all that you do and for respectfully representing Albion College. For ways to stay involved with the College, or become involved with the Institute, explore the options below or contact a staff member of the Wilson Institute for Medicine.

Become a job shadow host!

Larry Shook, '72 and Nick KinachtchoukLarry Shook, '72, and Nick Kinachtchouk

Our job shadow program allows current Albion College students to learn more about healthcare professions, receive career or graduate school related advice and mentorship, and reflect on how their liberal arts education can prepare them for life after Albion College.

Job Shadowing provides a vital opportunity to understand first-hand the primary functions of a career choice. It allows students to learn the day-to-day operations of your career and the organization that supports it, as well as the overall culture and atmosphere of your profession. This helps them make a career choice with confidence, build their resume, boost professional development, and create their own network of successful Albion College Alumni that may be helpful in their future.

If you would like to serve as a job shadow placement supervisor, please fill out this form and a member of the Institute will be in contact.

Give us advice!
We want feedback on how being a member of the Wilson Institute for Medicine helped you prepare and succeed in your profession, and we would love advice on how to improve the Institute for future students. If you graduated before the Institute was established, we would still appreciate your suggestions on how to help our Institute students succeed after graduation.

Click hear to provide feedback.

Share your talents!Forum
If you are unable to provide students with experiential learning opportunities but wish to engage with students, please contact a member of the Wilson Institute for Medicine. We appreciate help from alumni in a variety of areas including:

  • Speaking about your profession: Provide students with a presentation, lunch and learn, or video call
  • Student Mentoring: Provide Institute students with advice and guidance throughout their undergraduate careers to help them prepare for their professional program
  • Alumni Dinners: Throughout the year, the Institute staff and select members of the Institute meet for a fun, information dinner where students are able to interact with and ask questions of alumni in their field