Membership Criteria


Zander Tu, '14
Zander Tu, '14, participated in the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He contributed to a Pediatric Research Department project that may eventually lead to a treatment for hemangioma tumors in infants.


Institute for Healthcare Professions

Criteria for Graduating as a Member in
Good Standing

In order to graduate as a member in good standing of the Institute for Healthcare Professions, you must complete the following requirements:

  • HCI 101, Introduction to Healthcare (first year)
  • HCI 201, Issues in Healthcare (second year)
  • Documented Experiential Learning Project (DELP, minimum of 40 hours)
  • Evidence of community service (10 hours per semester)
  • Cumulative GPA = 3.0

If you did not take HCI 101 during your first year at Albion, you must complete two 40-hour documented experiential learning projects or one 80-hour project.

Criteria for Graduating with Distinction

In addition to the above requirements, you must also meet additional criteria.

  • Actively participate in Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), the Health Preprofessional Honor Society, or other Institute Initiatives.
  • Achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and a science GPA of 3.2.

Documented Experiential Learning Project (DELP)

To satisfy this Institute requirement, your 40-hour DELP must take place in a healthcare setting. This project can involve any one of the following:

  • Job shadowing
  • Practicum/internship
  • Volunteering
  • Research on a healthcare topic

Please note there will be additional requirements for students who are doing a practicum/internship for academic credit.

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