Health Professions Advising

The Institute for Healthcare Professions coordinates advising to students considering careers in the Health Sciences. The staff is a source of vital information and an advocate for our students. We are able to provide information and support for any student considering professional or graduate school in any of the health related professions and/or research and academia.

Here are some examples of services you may obtain from the Institute.

  • Information on the wide range of health professions to assist you in determining your career path.
  • Guidance in research, internship, and health professional shadowing experiences.
  • Information on the admissions criteria of a wide range of professional schools. The Institute staff work with faculty to ensure Albion's coursework fits into their requirements for admission.
  • Support in compiling the required materials and letters of recommendation for the Premedical and Pre-dental Committee and transmitting them to the professional schools of your choice.
  • Information on preparation for graduate and professional school and the application process.

  • Evaluation of application materials and assistance with writing autobiographical and personal statements.

  • Assistance in the search for available funding resources for furthering your education.
  • Graduate school and professional school admission test preparation.

The Institute staff can be one of your best sources of support, information, evaluation and encouragement when it comes to choosing your career path in the field of health sciences and taking the steps to get there.

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