Mallory Brown, '08, Extends World Clothes Line with African Excursion

Mallory Brown, '08, was in the Republic of Sudan when U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in neighboring Libya. "I was in Khartoum and the Sudanese people were protesting outside the embassy. I decided I should tell people I was Australian," she said. It was unavoidable, however, that Brown frequently had to show people her U.S. passport as she moved about the city. "Every time someone saw I was American, they told me, 'I'm going to make sure you're safe,'" she recalled. "I was never threatened and I never felt in danger. I was basically escorted across Africa by Africans, who just took it upon themselves to help me."

The Business of Horses: Katie Petchell's Off-Campus Internship

Katie Petchell, '13
Most Albion students will tell you that spending a semester off campus is a great learning experience, and after completing my first internship at Thomson Reuters last spring, I’d have to agree. However, great opportunities sometimes spring up where we least expect them. That’s how I ended up spending the fall just a few miles away, involved with something that's been a passion for years.

Garden Fresh Gourmet Exec Serves Up Food Business Talk

Specialty food entrepreneur Dave Zilko shares his story of business success as a guest speaker for Albion College’s Gerstacker Institute on Tuesday, February 5, at 7 p.m. in the Norris Science Center's Towsley Hall.

Zilko founded his first specialty food company more than 20 years ago. Today he is an equity partner in multiple successful food enterprises, most notably Garden Fresh Gourmet, maker of the number-one brand of fresh salsa in North America. He is also an operating partner at Huron Capital, a Detroit-based private equity firm, and is on the boards of the $60 million Grow Michigan venture fund and Jimmy Buffett’s “Singing for Change” foundation, among others. Zilko graduated from Michigan State University and holds an MBA from George Washington University.

This presentation is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Gerstacker Institute Coordinator Anne Cox at or 517/629-0418.

Picking the Winners for Business: Mitchell Jeffery's Off-Campus Internship

Mitchell Jeffery, '14
Despite LinkedIn, Google, and the examples set by television crime shows, Web-based background searches aren't always – or often -- easy. "My boss says our job is a little like a murder mystery – sometimes it's really difficult just to confirm that someone is employed where the system says," said communication studies major Mitchell Jeffery, '14. "Or you might be looking for employment data and find out someone's involved in a lawsuit. There can be a sense of accomplishment just finding out where someone works."

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