Class of 1960 Albion Community Intern Endowment

Members of the Class of 1960
Homecoming 2010: The Class of 1960 announces its endowment creating the Albion Community Internship.

Albion is America!

The links between Albion College, the City of Albion and the surrounding community provide incredible opportunities for students to learn at the same time they are giving back to the community. Albion has become a laboratory for small town revitalization. There is no place in America better suited to provide hands- on learning about issues that matter to every small town in our country!

It is a tribute to the scholarship that has continued here at Albion College for 180 years that a group of alumni who graduated more than a half century ago still care so much about those who have come after them. The Class of 1960 continues to demonstrate the value of our Albion network to our current students. This endowment will ensure that students interested in working in Albion will have that opportunity for years to come.

2017 ACIE Awardee

Elizabeth Barnes, '18Elizabeth Barnes, ’18

Bohm Theatre

Since the fall of 2016, Elizabeth Barnes, '18, has worked at the Bohm Theatre. Through her work with Albion College's Theater Department, Elizabeth brought a lot of "back of the house" experience, allowing her to help with the technical aspects of special events. Her internship complimented this knowledge by introducing her to "front of the house" responsibilities such as dealing with performers and operating a box office. Elizabeth worked closely with Executive Director Nancy Doyal to understand the responsibilities of arts administration and expanded upon this education during the 2017 summer by interning for a small preforming arts theater in Chester, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth returned to the Bohm in the fall of 2017 as an ACIE intern to work in development. In addition to supporting day-to-day operations, she assisted with a capital campaign and researched potential foundation grants.

Reflecting on her time at the Bohm, Elizabeth said her experience was "absolutely outstanding," stating "I love having the opportunity to continue to be a part of the Bohm Theatre, which has been an economic driver for downtown and a place in town to foster the growing arts community." Upon graduation, Elizabeth is planning on attending graduate school for Communications and Media Studies.

2016 ACIE Awardee

Alena Farooq, '18Alena Farooq, ’18

Albion Food Hub

As an intern for the Albion Economic Development Corporation, Alena works for the newly created Food Hub and its director, former ACIE recipient Patrick Lopez, '15. Her main duties focus on the operation and marketing of the Farmers' Market that takes place twice every week. She also helps manage the community gardens in Albion that received grant funds as part of a SNAP-Ed program.

This is Alena's second summer in Albion. Last summer she was sponsored by the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA) to research the city's 2010 Recreation Department plan. She spent the summer exploring all 17 parks in Albion and surveying over 100 residents. Her work continued into the school year as she joined the Citizens Advisory Committee that updated the 2010 recreation plan.

Alena encourages all students to get involved with the city of Albion. "Right now, Albion is full of opportunities. All sorts of exciting things are happening across the city and students get to be a part of it by working and volunteering downtown. That's an opportunity you can't get just anywhere!"

2015 ACIE Awardees

Matt Kribs, ’18

Bohm Theatre

Matt Kribs, '18 at the Bohm Theatre.
Matt Kribs, '18, is also a member of the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program and plans to major in music (violin) performance.

Working for the Bohm Theatre in the summer of 2015, Matt developed a marketing strategy to help attract customers to the theatre. This included updating social media and drafting press releases. Matt also assisted with the day-to-day operations to ensure that customers received the best experience possible. Additionally, Matt was able to observe what was needed to operate a nonprofit focused on the arts. He plans on applying this knowledge to a possible career with community symphonies.

"I had an incredible experience working for the Bohm Theatre this summer," Matt said. "I learned about marketing tactics, film arts and the essentials about running a nonprofit organization. This internship opened new doors for a potential career in arts marketing, and I am currently working for the Bohm as their first social media coordinator. I am thankful for all of the support the Class of 1960 Albion Community Intern Endowment gave me this summer."

Matt returned to the Bohm Theatre in the summer of 2016, writing grants for numerous film opportunites and resuming his marketing duties. According to Nancy Doyle, the theatre's Executive Director, Matt "has set the bar really high for the Bohm Theatre internship."

Danielle Nelson, ’17

City of Albion

Albion City Manager Sheryl Mitchell, left, with intern Danielle Nelson, '17.
Albion City Manager Sheryl Mitchell, left, with intern Danielle Nelson, '17.

"I came to Albion College not only because of what the college has to offer but because of the opportunities that I saw in the City of Albion as well. I wanted to play an instrumental part in the revitalization efforts and learn something along the way. In the spring of 2015 I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to intern for the new city manager of Albion, Dr. Sheryl Mitchell. It was not only a wonderful hands-on educational experience but it was also a great way for me to voice my ideas and bring about change in the community."

Some of the projects that Danielle worked on included organizing community forums, gathering census data for the master planning process, researching grants, and coordinating volunteers. Danielle was also part of several economic development projects in the region, including an effort by the city to become a "redevelopment ready community" and a project that will utilize bicycling and cycling trails to attract people from around the state. Danielle spearheaded on behalf of the city a Michigan Week celebration in May. This project, done in conjunction with the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce, showcased some of Albion's local producers, restaurants, natural amenities, and artists.

"The Albion Community Intern Endowment through the generosity of the Class of 1960 has had a profound impact on my time here in Albion. I am grateful that we have alumni who have such faith in my generation."

Danielle, a public policy major, carries a perfect 4.0 GPA and is widely engaged in activities across the campus and the city. She feels her work exposed more residents and students to the rich history and culture in the Albion community while improving the local economy.

2014 ACIE Awardees

Patrick Lopez, '15Patrick Lopez, ’15

Albion Economic Development Corporation

"As a student who lives off campus, it was great to have a little extra income to coincide with my internship. I was able to be exposed to the dedicated community leaders in Albion. ACIE saved me from having to get a second job, which would have impacted the time I spent working on the internship and my ability to commit to my studies."

Andrea Walles, '15Andrea Walles, ’15

Friends of the Bohm Theater

"The scholarship from the Class of 1960 allowed me to be successful during my internship. I had an incredible time working with the community and have learned more than I ever imagined which will help with my future career."

Previous ACIE Awardees:

  • 2013 - Mallory Ayotte, '16 - Downtown Development Authority of Albion
  • 2012 - Jessica Forzano, '13 - Albion Public Schools District