The Remarkable Betty Ford Revealed at Calvaruso Speaker Series Event

Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin

Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin
Michigan is understandably proud of Gerald R. Ford, but on October 4 Albion got a better understanding of the importance of Betty Ford. Lisa McCubbin, author of a 2018 biography of the former first lady, along with former Secret Service agent Clint Hill, who served under five presidents and wrote three best-selling memoirs with McCubbin, shared historical facts and personal insights during Albion College's Joseph & Donna Calvaruso Speaker Series event at the Bohm Theatre.

Ford Students Focus on Environment with Action-Group Internships

Clockwise from top left: Nora Gaffney, '20, Elle Jansen, '19, Beau Brockett, '19

Clockwise from top left: Nora Gaffney, '20, Elle Jansen, '19, Beau Brockett, '19
Of course, we should all pick up trash, recycle paper and conserve electricity. But environmental activists know that real change lies in the hands of politicians, policymakers and the people who elect, educate and support them. Read about three Ford Institute students who share unique views of environmental policy action in Michigan, via three very different summer experiences.

Creating Opportunities for Current and Future 'Fordies'

Robinson Hall
Thanks to the support of alumni from the Gerald R. Ford Instituite for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, a new professional development fund to help current and future “Fordies” is taking shape.

At Home with the Foreign Service: Alina Holmstrom, '18, Does State Dept Internship

Alina Holmstrom, '18
My job was to cry. I was to go up to the nearest foreign service officer and start bawling uncontrollably about my dying brother in the United States who I had to see just one last time. The officer's job? To decide whether or not to approve my visa.

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