Garmo, '19, Warms Up Campus with 'Fleece and Thank You'

Morgan Garmo, '19

Morgan Garmo, '19
It was December 2015, her first college winter break, and Morgan Garmo, '19, was looking for something to do. Then her aunt invited her to help make blankets for a brand-new nonprofit. Two months later, Garmo has signed on as Fleece & Thank You (F&TY) CFO, with the support of many of her fellow students at Albion.

Beyond Albion Post Graduate Fair: March 31

Robinson Hall"Beyond Albion" is a post-graduate fair focusing on the fields of public service, non-profit, law and business and management. Your school, organization or agency has the opportunity to recruit from our pool of talented students with strong liberal arts backgrounds.

McCulloch, '93, Finds Niche at Phi Beta Kappa

Ann McCulloch, class of 1993, Albion College

Ann McCulloch, class of 1993, Albion College
Sometimes, as Ann McCulloch, '93, has discovered, a new start can be found in the place you least expect. For the Ford Institute alumna, it was in one of the places she knew best and loved most. For the past year, she's been the director of chapter and association relations for Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest collegiate honors program in the country and an organization near and dear to her heart.

Baker, '16, Protects Vulnerable Citizens Through Probate Internship

Kristine Baker, '16

Krisitine Baker
Ensuring the safety of society's most vulnerable members is often a legal matter, and this summer some of that work was handled by Kristine Baker, '16, through an internship with Ingham County Probate Court. Focused on cases involving young children and legally incapacitated adults, Baker visited homes and spent part of nearly every day testifying in front of a judge.

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