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Build Albion Fellows Details

Build Albion Fellows help with an Albion community park.

Program Eligibility

  1. Live within the former Albion Public Schools district
  2. Admitted to Albion College as a first-year student; or a middle college
  3. File Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); full Pell Grant eligibility

If you do not fully meet the qualification requirements, you may still be eligible, given that enrollment space is available. Please contact your Admissions Counselor to learn more about your eligibility. 

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Program Basics

Summer Program

During the summer before the first semester, you will participate in a short retreat. You will engage with campus, faculty, and staff and be introduced to the program that will shape the next four years—and the rest of your life! For approximately 20-25 hours per week, you will participate in community service, weekly meetings, project development, leadership training, and on- and off-campus networking.

We understand that fun and excitement are important parts of education and summer! We will explore what other areas are doing to revitalize their people and cities.

At the end of the summer, we will prepare you for the coming semester with another retreat. This will help you navigate campus and gear up for classes, jumpstarting your transition to campus life.

Academic Semester

During the academic year, a 1/4 unit academic course reserved specifically for Fellows provides structure and support for effective service and community engagement. Fellows will participate in a project-based model of service to the community, and dedicated faculty and staff will guide you and work alongside you. The course will challenge you to think about leadership and community building from different perspectives. We are committed to helping you navigate and change the world around you. As you grow and learn over the course of 4 years, your responsibility and leadership in service will increase. We strongly encourage Fellows to participate in clubs and organizations and take on leadership roles as part of their Albion College experience.

Free College Search eBook

Starting Your College Search ebook

Want to take our College Search Guide with you on your mobile device? Download the entire guide, Starting Your College Search, as a portable - and free - eBook as either a PDF or Apple iBook.

You will get eight advice-filled chapters on picking your best college, questions to ask on college tours, plus a bonus chapter on filling out the FAFSA. You will also find resources and other tools to help you in your college search. All in a free, mobile format that works best for your device.

Starting Your College Search is the perfect guide to the college search process for high school sophomores, juniors, seniors, and their families. It's Albion College's gift to you! 

Download the PDF version of Starting Your College Search:

PDF Version (8 mb)

Download Starting Your College Search for free on the Apple iBookstore:

Download our eBook on Apple iBookstore

Questions about the college search project? Please let us know


Fly-In Reimbursement Program

We are so confident you will be impressed by the Albion College campus and community that we will help pay to get you here!

If you are a high school senior who has been accepted to Albion College, you are eligible for a one-time reimbursement of up to $300 toward the cost of a plane ticket.

Albion College will reimburse you for half the ticket cost, up to $300, following the campus visit. The airline ticket receipt must be presented to the Admissions Office at the time of the campus visit to receive the reimbursement.

Important: Please contact your admission counselor for scheduling your visit BEFORE you purchase your flight.

Program Details

  • Flight reimbursements will be made throughout the year for both individual visits and group visit events.
  • Ground transportation to and from campus will be offered by the college.
  • Each individual student is only able to receive one flight reimbursement from Albion College throughout his/her entire college search process.
  • The program is for those students living more than 300 miles away from Albion College.
  • We really like parents, but their tickets are not eligible for reimbursement. On-campus meals will be provided and you can view a recommended lodging list on our visitor's guide.

Recommend Airports

  • Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW): Driving time to campus is approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Lansing Capital Region International Airport (LAN): Driving time is approximately 1 hour.

Virtual Tour

Are you interested in visiting our campus, but you're just not able to get here soon enough? Or perhaps you've already come for a visit and you just want to take another look. Either way, our virtual tour will give you a great idea of what our beautiful campus is like at Albion College.

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