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Meet Lloyd

Meet Lloyd.

Lloyd McPartlin

Lloyd McPartlin
Associate Director
of Admission


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“Make a list of the top things that you want from a college or university. Then visit, visit, visit! Every school is going to tell you that they are great. The better schools are able to prove it.”

In Lloyd’s words:

On the campus environment:

“We have a small campus, and I love that. You can walk from one side to the other in 10 minutes, but after stopping to talk with people along the way, it will probably take you at least 20 minutes.”

On Albion students:

“Our students are passionate about academics, athletics, and their campus organizations. They love what they do and the college they represent.”

Favorite Albion tradition:

“Move-in day. As students arrive on campus, faculty, staff, current students, and even the president of the College are there to help you unload your possessions and direct you to your dorm. It’s pretty cool.”

His other car is a canoe.


FootballWouldn’t Miss: A Brits home game.

Favorite Albion memory:
“My wife and I were married on campus.”

He plays in a slow-pitch softball league with Albion faculty and staff —trust us, he’s good.

Meet Heather

Meet Heather.

Heather Fuchs

Heather Fuchs
Associate Director
of Admission


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“Plan a visit to Albion. And when you’re here, ask questions everywhere you go.”

In Heather’s words:

On an Albion education:

“Our students study abroad and intern around the country. In the classroom, Albion students discuss pressing issues and conduct meaningful research with their professors.”

On faculty-student relationships:

“Albion is a place to learn and grow. The individual attention students receive sets Albion apart.”

Can’t-miss Albion activity:

“There are plenty of year-round outdoor activities. The Kalamazoo River, the Nature Center, and Victory Park are all just a short walk away.”

The first thing she tells a prospective student about:
The Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service.

Never Misses: Move-in day.

FootballHer dream destination: Australia.

Favorite Albion moment:
Watching her little sister play on the Briton women’s soccer team.

Her hidden talent:

Meet Mandy

Meet Mandy.

Mandy Dubiel

Mandy Dubiel
Director of Admission


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“We take great pride in our athletics, and it shows. Coaches at Albion care about the development of their students in and out of the classroom. Our student-athletes are academics, volunteers, and mentors.”

In Mandy’s words:

On career preparation:

“You will get a job! Excellent academic preparation—along with internships, study abroad, mentoring, job shadowing, and research—lay a solid foundation for employment.”

Best college search tip:

“Start early! Don’t wait until the last semester of your senior year. Give yourself plenty of time to visit colleges. We’re here to help, so take advantage of that.”

Favorite admission memory:

“Watching the first class of Albion students I recruited walk across the stage at graduation.”

Favorite Albion moment:

“Watching Michael Thomas hit a game-winning three-pointer to beat John Carroll and send Albion to the 2005 sectional finals.”

SoupLet’s stay together. She has a soft spot for Al Green. She’s also the founder of Soup Sundays, when Albion faculty and staff gather for a weekly meal.

Where you’ll find her on her day off:
Anywhere near the water. (Did we mention the Kalamazoo River winds right through campus?)

comedy and tragedy drama masksNever Misses: The newest theatre production on campus.

One of her favorite things about Albion:
The great
on-campus entertainment.

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah.

Sarah Eggerstedt

Sarah Eggerstedt, ’08
Admission Counselor


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“Are you more comfortable in a small classroom setting? Do you thrive when you are given personal attention? Does getting hands on experience really help you understand concepts? If so, Albion is a great place for you.”

In Sarah’s words:

On the campus environment:

“The sense of community at Albion is unmatched and you can feel it from the moment you step on campus. The learning environment is dynamic and so is your life outside the classroom.”

Best college search tip:

“On campus visits, asking your tour guide about everything they are involved in on campus will help you visualize what your life could be like as a student.”

Being part of Albion:
Students always come first. Everyone is working together to ensure that our Britons have the best four years of their life.

Hands making a sign for the letter v. Lifelong Dream: She'd love to learn sign language.

One of her favorite movies: Love Actually Definitely worth watching all year round even though it is set at Christmas time.

Barber Shop Pole

She sings in a barbershop quartet.

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