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Meet Marcus

Meet Marcus.

Marcus Gill, '04

Marcus Gill, ’04
Assistant Director of Admission & Multicultural Coordinator


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“I truly believe what makes Albion great are the people. The sense of family, community, and the way we take care of our own is truly special.”

In Marcus’ words:

On making the most of your campus visit:

“During a campus visit, meet as many people and ask as many questions as you can.”

The Albion Team:

“A great team starts with its leadership. I believe we have great leaders here, which makes it easy to be part of such a great team. We have a group of people who love to work with each other, genuinely care about one another, and are always willing to help.”

On choosing Albion:

“If you want a great education, if you’re looking to build lifelong relationships and to be part of a special place, consider Albion College.”

whistle Hoop Dreams: A tangible goal rather than just a dream, he hopes to someday be a Division I Head Men’s Basketball Coach.

Go-To Movie: Coach Carter

BasketballHis Albion Legacy: Marcus was a point guard on Albion’s 2003 MIAA Championship Basketball team.

Meet Kyle

Meet Kyle.

Kyle Lurvey

Kyle Lurvey
Admission Counselor


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“The community feeling that exists at Albion was noticeable from the first moment I set foot on campus. Being a part of this community on a daily basis is truly a blessing.”

In Kyle’s words:

On what makes Albion Great:

“Albion College offers a vibrant learning community where students can build close relationships with both faculty and other students, enjoy study abroad and internship opportunities, gain real-world experience, all while pursuing their academic goals.”

On the College community:

“If you are looking for a small, supportive, academic, college community that provides countless opportunities for academic, athletic, and social involvement, then Albion might be the perfect place for you!”

Never Boring. Albion has more than 100 student organizations that students can get involved with! Can't find one that you're looking for? Start your own!

Golf gloves. Bucket List: He dreams of attending The Masters!

One of his favorite things about Albion—the community feeling!

Golf GlovesHis 4-legged best friend.

An Australian Shepard named Sadie, to be exact.

Meet Travell

Meet Travell.

Travell Oakes

Travell Oakes
Admission Counselor


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“We send our graduates off to not just receive their first job offer, but multiple offers. Society is always changing, but our Albion College grads are equipped to handle anything! So the real question is, ‘Why not be an Albion College Brit?’”

In Travell’s words:

On advice for prospective students:

“When considering Albion, I would say Albion College graduates are CREATORS! Yes, we have top Doctors, Accountants, and Lawyers, but every college can say that. What sets our graduates apart is that they aren’t just knowledgeable of their profession, they can speak on numerous topics.”

On supporting Albion students:

“We still keep in touch with our students while they are on campus. We go out and support our students at games, presentations and events. We help our students reach their goals”

The A Team. The A Team. "I believe my team goes above and beyond. We aren't your typical admission counselors!"

The sky’s the limit.

He would love to go skydiving someday!

Albion Takeaway:
"Albion truly is a home away from home."

Meet Rhiki

Meet Rhiki.

Rhiki Swinton

Rhiki Swinton
Admission Counselor


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You know the saying ‘You won’t get help if you don’t ask for it.’ At Albion you don’t even have to ask. There are people here who will consistently check on you and make sure you are getting what you need!”

In Rhiki’s words:

On her personal experience:

“When I did an overnight visit to the college, I completely fell in love with the campus. The people at Albion are what make it so great. Everyone is nice here and they genuinely want to get to know you.”

On what makes being on a team so great:

“The thing I like most about being a part of the Albion Team is the fact that we are actually a team. We look out and take care of one another. We work together and push one another to our fullest potential.”

A basketball. Her other passion is Basketball.

Home is where the heart is. Rhiki has lived in Albion her entire life and knows the town like the back of her hand!

Hands on community. Her lifelong dream: to be able to give back to the community and make a positive impact.

Pittbull. Her favorite pet: Pitbulls

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