Hiday, '13, Participates in FURSCA Summer Research

This summer, 40 Albion College students from multiple academic disciplines developed an independent research project, and presented their findings, through grants received from The Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA).

Aaron Hiday, '13, has studied turbidity in Rice Creek for the past two years with professor of geology Thom Wilch.

"FURSCA has given me the opportunity to get two summers of field experience," Hiday says. "In the geology world, that's big."

"For many students, FURSCA research will lead to national presentations and publications," Ian MacInnes, English professor and FURSCA director, says. "These can help them enroll in graduate programs and succeed in their fields."

Hiday was honored for his research by winning the Best Student Poster Award at the 2011 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. He hopes to write a departmental thesis on his research this year.

MacInnes says FURSCA helps students plan and study independently, and to problem solve over the course of their summer research. That independent project management experience is a hallmark of the liberal arts, he says.

"All of this will hopefully add up to put me in a good position to get a good job after I graduate," Hiday says.