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Bottle Waterfall Opens CSE Celebration of Upcoming 50th Earth Day

Biology professor and CSE Director Doug White

doug white 1

A waterfall constructed of plastic bottles—created by Center for Sustainability and the Environment Director Doug White and his students to recognize a gift from Bruce, '67, and Jane Harper—will kick off a semester of activities to acknowledge a worldwide environmental event as Earth Day celebrates its 50th anniverary in April

Gift From Bruce, '67, and Jane Harper Aims to Help a Planet Under Siege

Bruce and Jane Harper Earth Day Gift

Jane and Bruce Harper
Bruce and Jane Harper want to do their part to help the planet, the environment and Albion College, and they hope their $108,000 Earth Day 50th Anniversary Gift will be a meaningful step in that direction. "The envionrment has become a much more urgent issue the last couple of decades," Bruce Harper, '67, says.

'Lofty idealism' Drives Evan Rieth, '19, and His Desire to Be a Farmer

Evan Rieth

Evan Rieth

Evan Rieth, '19, grew up on a 60-acre farm in Three Oaks, Mich., and has been transfixed by the idea of farming as a career ever since. Now he's using the liberal arts skills he's learned at Albion to become a farmer that can succeed in 21st-century America.

CSE Trip to Northwest Offers Hope for Environment's Future

Albion College, Center for Sustainability and the Environment, Washington State trip, May 2017.

Center for Sustainability and the Environment's May 2017 trip to Washington State
In May, geology professor Tim Lincoln led his 17th, and likely final, Center for Sustainability and the Environment (CSE) trip to explore a part of America and its local environment, a journey that over the years has proven enriching and disturbing, often at the same time. Whether it’s wetland destruction in New Orleans or mountaintop mining in Appalachia or forestry in New England or habitat loss on the Chesapeake Bay, Lincoln, in his role as director of CSE, has taken students across the country to face the environmental issues head on.

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