International Student Orientation

Fall 2019 International Student Orientation 

All F and J student visa status holders (degree-seeking and exchange) are required to attend Albion's International Student Orientation, beginning with airport pickups on Friday, August 16th, and ending with the SOAR and FYI orientations that finish on Sunday, August 25thAt Albion orientations, you will get to know Albion's campus, our city, faculty and staff, and your fellow students. We will ease your transition and provide help with course registration, campus activities, opening a bank account, mobile phones, and shopping trips.

 What to Expect at International Student Orientation
Fri. August 16 All F-1 degree-seeking and J-1 exchange students arrive on campus.   Move into residence halls and meet the Orientation Peer Advisers (Sube and Tanya) and CIE staff (Mary and Cristen).  Dinner will be provided.
Sat. August 17 Get to know the campus, facilities, and other international students.  Go shopping for dorm-room essentials.  Hang out with Tanya, Sube, and other international students.
Sun. August 18 Learn about culture shock and US customs, meet the Albion safety officers, and go on an off-campus cultural trip.
Mon. August 19

Learn about American and Albion academic culture, and visit the Albion College bookstore.  Talk with Sube and Tanya about being an international student in Albion classes.  J-1 Native Speaker Teaching Assistants arrive on campus and move into I-Space/ Fiske House.  

Tues. August 20 Meet the Vice President for Student Development.  Learn about campus life, greek life, living in Albion's residential campus.  Discuss US culture, on-campus jobs, and Albion activities with Tanya and Sube.  At 2:15, the Native Speaker Teaching Assistants will join the group for the rest of orientation.  In the evening, meet Albion College President Mauri Ditzler at a special reception at his house.
Wed. August 21 Open a US bank account and visit with cell-phone providers.  Learn about staying safe and healthy at Albion, and your health insurance.   End the day with a bonfire activitity and hang out with current Albion students.
Thurs. August 22 Attend the SOAR Orientation Sessions.
Fri, Sat, Sun.  Attend the FYI Orientation Sessions.
Mon. August 26 Begin classes at Albion College.
                                                                                     All meals will be provided beginning with dinner on August 16 through August 25.
Your Orientation Peer Advisers

Sube Barkhasbadi (Albion senior, from Mongolia) and Tanya Jagdish (Albion sophomore, from India) will be with you through the international student orientation, and giving you a student perspective on life at Albion College.  They will meet you at the Detroit airport (DTW) for airport pickups, and will introduce you to many of their friends.  Expect to hear more from them soon, we are all excited to meet you!