Health Care and Insurance in the U.S.

Visitors to the United States often find that accessing health care is both confusing and costly.  The US government does not provide health care assistance to international students, but instead relies on a private system of health insurance.  No health insurance covers 100% of all health care costs-  even with health insurance, you must be prepared to pay a small amount each time you receive health care. This is called a “co-pay” or a “deductible." 

The Geo Blue Students Health Insurance plan is for non-U.S. students enrolling in U.S. institutions of higher learning like Albion College.  Albion College international students with an F-1 or J-1 student visa status are automatically enrolled in this student health insurance plan.  Insurance cards are provided upon arrival at Albion College. 

Coverage dates:

  • Fall coverage dates are from August 1 - December 31. 
  • Spring coverage dates are from January 1 - June 1. 
  • Summer coverage dates- not automatically provided, but highly recommended for students who will remain in the United States over the summer break.  Summer coverage may be extended with Geo Blue for students participating in Albion College sponsored summer programs such as FURSCA or the Geology Field Camp.  The cost is approximately $140 per month in the summer, paid by the student.  To sign up for summer coverage, contact Albion's Director of Business and Auxiliary Services- Tim DeWitt, , by the end of April.

For general questions about US Health Care, visit Student Health Services or the Center for Internaitonal Educaiton.