Albion International Students

Albion College is home to over 35 students from 20 countries.  We are proud of our native language teaching assistants, exchange students, and full-time degree seeking international students, who contribute to the richness of Albion's global diversity.  Albion is pleased to welcome qualified students from all backgrounds, regardless of citizenship and immigration status, into our living and learning community.   We are mindful of the challenges faced by DACA holders and undocumented students during these uncertain times and are committed to continuing to welcome and support these individuals.

Immigration regulations are complex and subject to change.  International students can keep current through this CIE website, reading CIE emails, and meeting periodically with Cristen Casey, the CIE Director.  Cristen is available in Vulgamore 308, and meetings can be scheduled by emailing .

International Students during an international fashion show.

Contact CIE

Vulgamore Hall, Suite 306
Phone: 517/629-0392
Fax: 517/629-0617