SIT -Republic of Kenya

Subjects: All students in the program will take an intensive language study course in Swahili (the local language), an interdisciplinary Swahili studies and coastal cultures seminar, a field study seminar and an independent study project.

Prerequisites: 2.75 GPA; junior standing; demonstrated maturity. Preference is given to students who demonstrate an interest in African Studies.

Length: Semester long field based program.

Credit: 4 units

Housing: Home stays with Kenyan families

Cost: Albion College tuition and fees, housing and board.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emmanuel Yewah, 105 Vulgamore Hall, ext.0314,

Comments: The academic program begins with the on-site orientation and Kiswahili instruction. The orientation includes a required thematic course with a Field Study Seminar. The program ends with an Independent Study Project. Educational excursions are part of the program.

Phone: (802)-258-3519